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What are Allegro Network Multimeters?

Allegro Packets' troubleshooting appliances are diagnostic tools for network analysis. They are deployed by network administrators around the world to analyze network traffic in real-time, whether the event to be analyzed is current or in the past.

They provide high granularity and detailed analysis. As a result, network problems, performance bottlenecks and packet losses can be quickly identified.

Allegro Network Multimeters use high performance, powerful software algorithms to analyze load peaks and disturbances. At the same time, they act as powerful network monitoring tools to ensure high network quality.

Network-Troubleshooting with the Allegro Network Multimeter
Network analysis with the Allegro Network Multimeter

What is so special about Allegro Network Multimeters?

What makes Allegro Packets products so special is their ease of operation and the combination of high speed and performance.

Ultraportable models of the Allegro Network Multimeters are small, lightweight and do not need to be configured. With all of our appliances, analysis data is accessed via our web interface in a browser. Network problems can be detected within a few clicks. Problem areas or errors can be isolated and pcaps can be captured from pre-selected network traffic for further analysis.

Our customers appreciate the fact that data and statistics are available without delay, both for current network traffic and past network events. This added value is inherent in all our appliances, whether the 1G Allegro 500 or the 400G Allegro Network Multimeters, for instance the Allegro x310 and x510.

Troubleshooting Dashboard of the Allegro Network Multimeter

What are the system sizes of the network troubleshooting tool?

Network Analysis with the Allegro Multimeter

Allegro Packets' state-of-the-art network diagnostic tools include the Allegro 500, 800, 1000/1200, 3000/3200, the Virtual Edition and from this year, the latest Allegro x310, x410 and x510 Series. These Allegro Network Multimeters are available for mobile or stationary use from 1 to 400 Gigabit analysis rates.

The software and functionality are identical in all appliances. They differ in data performance, storage options and connectivity.

How does the Allegro Network Multimeter work?

We have created an explanation video to show you how the Allegro Network Multimeter works. To see how our Allegro appliances are able to display analysis results of both current and past network traffic without waiting, please watch the video. For further information about the Allegro Network Multimeters, please visit our product overview.

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