Reseller and service partner

Germany, Austria & Switzerland

DMN Solutions GmbH is an IT provider in the area of network analysis, monitoring, core network services and IT security, providing expertise and services including authorisations, Network Access Control (NAC), network certification and analysis.

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emitec datacom is part of emitec AG and specialises in products for monitoring, optimising and testing IT infrastructures. The focus is on stable and high availability IT services, high end-user satisfaction, high-performance applications and networks, cost-optimised cloud services and reliable, up-to-date IT security.

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NETCOR focuses on the determination and visualisation of IT performance in its various forms. In addition to a broad product portfolio, they offer training courses and IT quality services.

SCHOELLER ist neuer deutscher Reseller von Allegro Packets



Schoeller Network Control is a purely Austrian company that has been offering professional solutions in the field of network analysis and IT security for over 30 years. Schoeller Network Control has many years of experience and offers you, as an expert and partner, extensive expertise, solutions and services in the area of security and performance under the motto "everything under control." In order to be able to operate IT applications with the highest degree of efficiency, security and with the shortest possible response time, Schoeller offers performance analysis and troubleshooting services as well as corresponding monitoring solutions from renowned international manufacturers. 

Telonic ist neuer deutscher Reseller von Allegro Packets



Telonic GmbH is a leading system house for networks and security and has operated as an independent system integrator for various technology partners since 1979. Thanks to its clear focus on IT networks, Telonic has a wide range of experience in LAN, WAN and WLAN, security, analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting.

According to the motto ‘nonstop networking’, more than 120 employees of the company provide performance and security for networks of various sizes and industries throughout Germany.

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GORDION has been a consultant and system integrator since 1991, supporting medium and large data networks with up to 10,000 ports. GORDION advises and supports customers in the area of active network infrastructure, with a focus on LAN / WAN / WLAN, security and analysis.

DATAKOM is the new partner of Allegro Packets in Germany



DATAKOM is a professional consulting and integration partner in the field of IT security and IT measurement technology. This specialist from Ismaning near Munich delivers individually tailored solutions, and, thanks to its many years of experience in complex network analysis, it  is recognised for its high quality solution portfolio. Find out more about our partner here.

Stordis is the new Reseller of Allegro Packets



STORDIS is ‘The Open Networking Expert’ and leading provider of open networking infrastructure solutions with a primary focus on academia and research, media and entertainment, cyber security, service providers, financial services, defence, and telecommunication.

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LinQ-IT GmbH is a system house specialising in monitoring, analysing, securing and optimising networks and data centres. They offer network security, performance management, monitoring and/or analysis solutions for organisations of all sizes.

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TreeConsult is a system house specialising in software development and special applications based on IBM Lotus Domino Notes and IT infrastructure management (software and services).

denk-stein:net is the new Reseller of Allegro Packets in Germany



denk-stein:net GmbH has been consulting, developing and selling products and solutions for data and telecommunications clients for over 28 years. denk-stein:net designs and implements customer-specific solutions and devices nationwide, in other EU countries and in Switzerland. Their primary focus is Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company’s competence lies in measurement technology and network equipment for DSL, WDM and Ethernet metro networks.

Horus-Net is the new Reseller of Allegro Packets in Germany



As an innovative provider in the field of data communication analysis, Horus-Net GmbH & Co. KG is an experienced partner for network services, training as well as tailored hardware and software solutions. Their core competence lies in the analysis and evaluation of measurement data for LAN, WAN, WLAN or special VoIP projects.

On the Horus-Net website you will find further information about the Allegro Network Multimeter as well as the opportunity to request a web demo or an evaluation unit.


Full Control Networks ist Reseller von Allegro Packets


UK & Republic of Ireland

With over 20 years of experience, Full Control Network is one of the leading independent providers of network products and services in the UK and a specialist for everything to do with networks. The company's goal is to help customers to get more out of their networks.

Heynen B.V. is the new Reseller of Allegro Packets in the Netherlands



Heynen works for innovators. Heynen designs, installs and supports network monitoring, troubleshooting and security solutions. They have been doing this for a long time and they have built up extensive experience with telecom operators, government institutions, ISPs, ICT companies, Enterprise and IT Service Providers.

NordicLAN ist neuer schwedischer Reseller von Allegro Packets



NordicLAN from Sweden offers as a specialist a wide range of market-leading test and monitoring products. NordicLAN's product portfolio is rounded off by services (project planning, project management, performance and acceptance tests) and training. NordicLAN was founded in 1996 and serves large and medium-sized companies from all market segments in Sweden.

On the website of NordicLan you will find their information about the Allegro Network Multimeter.

Alstor SDS is the new Reseller of Allegro Packets in Poland



Alstor SDS (Secure Data Solutions) is a new division of Alstor, one of the oldest privately-owned IT companies in Poland. It focuses on delivering data center infrastructure, networks & IT security, servers & storage, and document processing solutions. Apart from an extensive portfolio of advanced products, Alstor SDS provides comprehensive services that include consulting, implementation and testing of new solutions in their intended environment.

Timeless Technology is the new Reseller of Allegro Packets in Poland



Timeless Technology is a Value-adding Distributor offering market-leading high-end industrial Ethernet, telecommunications, measurement and measurement products and solutions to corporate customers in Finland.

Timeless Technology concentrates on carefully selected niches with high technology and knowledge content and creates added value by being a competent and professional partner through cooperation with customers and manufacturers.

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RDT Equipment & Systems is an Israeli leading supplier of technological solutions and services for a wide range of professional industries. Our vision is to become a natural & preferred choice of customers by providing solutions combined with services in varied technologies and cleverly engineered advantages to help them stay ahead of competition.

RDT Equipment & Systems has further information for you on their website.


Synchronous Communications Corp. - Taiwan Reseller for Allegro Packets




Synchronous Communication Corp. from Taiwan is a professional telecommunications and network company. Their business covers telecom and computing network integration, network planning for large business, Internet/Intranet design, telecom software and hardware integration solutions and measurement instruments as well as installation service in terms of broadband access, optical networks and Internet/Intranet systems.

Technology Partner

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USA provides a programmatic way for NFV technology providers and VNF and application builders to validate their solutions, ensure interoperability of APIs and interfaces, and certify with RIFT.ware’s MANO and ETSI Open Source MANO. Service providers and enterprises benefit from validated solutions that deploy faster and work in their current environment.