Research and Teaching

Realising Research Projects Togehter with the Allegro Student Programme

Allegro Packets offers a comprehensive problem diagnosis tool, Allegro Network Multimeter, in the context of teaching-related cooperation with students, doctoral candidates, professors or research assistants on the topics of networks and analysis. The Allegro Packets tools allow students et al. to improve and refine their personal teaching methods and research, among other things. 

Because Allegro Packets is committed to scientific research and teaching, we would like to offer our devices, the Allegro Network Multimeter, for students, PhD students, professors or even research assistants on loan. 

Requests for equipment and reservations

If you are interested in borrowing, please contact us under "Contact form". The Allegro Network Multimeter may only be used by the borrower and only for projects that are used in the context of scientific studies, teaching or research.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Studentenprogramm Forschung und Lehre Allegro Packets