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Allegro Packets' Allegro Network Multimeters are used by numerous customers around the world for network analysis. Today, Allegro Packets can look back on a solid clientele base. Customers who rely on the Allegro Network Multimeter include start-ups, mid-sized companies, and large corporations. Regardless of the size of the business or the quantity of traffic, there is an Allegro appliance to suit every operation.

Around the world, Allegro Packets' devices are used in a variety of applications including healthcare, security, education, government, industry and more. Allegro Packets' customers rely on their troubleshooting performance and can be assured that Allegro Packets is constantly expanding its product portfolio based on market demands and customer requests. The common thread among all Allegro Packets customers is the desire for a dependable network to ensure smooth and efficient workflow.

Philipp Rammers (TU Graz) quote on the Allegro Network Multimeter
Philipp Rammer, Service Owner Network TU Graz

Offices and small data centres

Allegro Packets customers: Offices and small data centres

For 1G networks with up to 500 workstations or up to 200,000 parallel connections, we recommend the Allegro 500. Regardless of the industry, these mobile devices optimally support internal IT departments in local troubleshooting in the network (LAN and WLAN): no matter whether the printer is not responding at the moment, a service cannot be addressed or e-mails are not arriving. Connect the Allegro device at the point of interest on the network, or place it in a central location for continuous monitoring.

One of our customers is the social institution Josefs-Gesellschaft in Cologne. Read the user story on how they use the Allegro Network Multimeter to perform distance measurements from more than 80 locations.

IT system houses

Allegro Packets customers: IT system houses

Core networks with large amounts of data and different locations require systems with high recording, analysis and storage rates. The Allegro x300 series, the Allegro 1300, 3300 and 5300, can perform retrospective analysis for up to 800,000 IP addresses and 256 million connections. In addition, these more powerful instruments can be combined with the Allegro 500 mobile appliances for flexible analysis in the field, depending on the job and customer network. This way, you can quickly find out whether a network error is in the data centre or at a customer site.

Arvato Systems is a service and support company for IT systems and relies on the Allegro Network Multimeter to optimize network troubleshooting. Read more in the user story.

Enterprise, campus and data centre networks

Allegro Packets customers: Enterprise, campus and data centre networks

For business processes to run smoothly, a network should function without restriction at all times. Therefore, errors in the network must be detected quickly. The quality of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be measured with the support of Allegro Network Multimeters, so that staff can collaborate at any time without disruptions and even on the move. With the Allegro 1000 and Allegro 3000, available in mobile and 1U rack variants, you can check up to 1 million open connections. The internal packet ring buffer allows to extract pcaps from past traffic. For larger data quantities, the Allegro x300 series should be used.

Our reference customer Bitmarck, which provides software and full service for statutory health insurance companies, shows in the user story the negative effects that incorrectly configured network connections can create.

Carrier and ISP networks

Allegro Packets customers: Carrier and ISP networks

Carrier networks and ISP networks require high performance, high storage rate devices to support and transport extremely large amounts of data across multiple geographically dispersed locations. Customer-specific services are transmitted via existing carrier networks. In addition to business and institutional services, this also includes private services such as communications services, Internet services, Internet telephony (VoIP), cable TV, and much more. Allegro Packets' largest and most powerful units, the Allegro x300 series and Allegro x500 series, have the largest storage capacity in the Allegro product line. This enables, among other things, network analysis of traffic that lies far in the past.

The largest telecommunications company in Switzerland, Swisscom, has multiple Allegro appliances in use (Allegro 500 to Allegro 5500). Find out how they use the Allegro 5500 to analyze 12 million VoIP data packets in the user story.

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