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it-sa feature with special report on Allegro Packets

Gerrman Hospital IT Journal reports on Allegro Packets in 2019

The Krankenhaus-IT Journal published a review of the popular German IT security fair it-sa, which took place in autumn 2019, and Allegro Packets as an exhibitor with the significant innovations of 2019: the Allegro Network Multimeter 500, and software Version 2.5 including the Webshark feature, an integration of the Wireshark functionality. In addition, the advantages of a mobile, fast and efficient network analysis including troubleshooting in the medical environment, was presented.

it-sa 2019 review: New network analysis solutions inspire users

The "Home of IT Security" 2019 closed with record results. Allegro Packets GmbH recorded a positive performance and presented its intelligent troubleshooting solutions for system administrators. This year, the network analysis specialist presented the new Allegro 500 and the newly developed integration of Webshark as an analysis feature.
The Allegro Network Multimeters developed by Allegro Packets are appliances that can detect errors and problems in a network with just a few clicks. They analyze all metadata from Layer 2 to Layer 7 in real-time. Different product variants (1 to 100 GBit/s) offer the best device to meet all requirements, from the ultra-portable Allegro 200 (End of Life since 2023) to the 4U Allegro 5500 for large data centres and ISPs.

Allegro 500 and Webshark inspire visitors

Visitors at it-sa were particularly enthusiastic about the innovations in the ultra-mobile area. With the Allegro 500, Allegro Packets launched an appliance that, with a weight of about one kilogram, is hardly larger than a compact paperback book. This makes it ideal for mobile troubleshooting in large hospitals and clinics. A trouble-free network is vital for every area, whether in treatment rooms, patient rooms, operating rooms, administrative buildings or canteens. Network errors or failures significantly disrupt the necessary patient care.

Allegro 500 in the hospital

A special use case for the Allegro 500 is network monitoring in a hospital room or waiting area. Patients expect multimedia systems to work, but with WLAN access points, an administrator must be able to examine network traffic, enabling them to identify devices that are hogging bandwidth or are performing suspicious activities, such as port scans. To detect and, if necessary prevent this, measurements must be taken directly at the network interface of the device in order to see the actual network traffic. This allows administrators to quickly identify which network services the devices use or provide themselves. The Allegro 500's mobile design and ease of installation make it ideal for such applications. An additional tablet is sufficient and an administrator can take all necessary measurements on site.
Common to all Allegro Packets devices is that network administrators can use them to examine both current and past traffic network traffic in real-time without delay. Via the browser-based web interface, the Dashboard displays the most important network parameters, e.g. the largest connections, the most important protocols or the TCP retransmissions.

Even more efficient with Webshark

To examine individual components of the traffic even more efficiently, an administrator can subject the data to packet analysis directly in the browser using the newly integrated Webshark feature. Whereas previously identified problem areas first had to be captured and then imported into Wireshark, many packet analysis functions can beviewed in real-time.
With the product and function extensions, an administrator can analyze a network more efficiently.

About Allegro Packets

The network analysis specialist Allegro Packets offers innovative troubleshooting and analysis products to solve network issues with the Allegro Network Multimeter range of appliances. The innovative features of Allegro products meet all requirements for information infrastructures. Customers include enterprises, data centres, IT service providers, system houses and ISPs. The Allegro Network Multimeter is developed entirely in Germany. This guarantees the customer efficient support and a swift, easy integration of new features.

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