Network analysis in hospitals

The meditronic-journal reports on the use of Allegro Network Multimeters in clinical facilities

The meditronic-journal publishes an article about network analysis systems, like the Allegro Network Multimeter, in hospitals

Allegro Network Multimeter monitors hospital networks

As hospitals and other medical facilities become more technically advanced, IT systems play an increasingly central role. From operations management to diagnostics, IT has become an essential part of modern healthcare. In its latest issue the "meditronic-journal" reports how network analysis systems, such as the Allegro Network Multimeter, support the work of doctors and hospital staff. The article "Healthy IT-Network" was published in German in the print edition of the magazine and is available online.

Health becomes digital

Like many other sectors, the health market is experiencing a rapid phase of digitalisation. Clinics and hospitals are widely ramified, heterogeneous networks that need to meet the most modern requirements. Today, more than ever it is crucial that these systems run at maximum performance. Only then will healthcare workers have the best tools to support their patients' recovery. If despite all precautions, errors occur, they can have a substantial impact on patient care. Modern gigabit analysers such as the Allegro Network Multimeter, the market-leading technology in this segment, provide a remedy. These appliances are used in many healthcare facilities, helping IT managers, physicians and entire hospital staff care for patients.

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