Allegro Network Multimeter

Network Troubleshooter

What is the Allegro Network Multimeter?

The Allegro Network Multimeter is a network diagnostic troubleshooting tool. It is used by network administrators to analyse network traffic - in real time and in the past. The device is powerful and easy to use. Network problems and packet losses can be detected with just a few clicks, just like the bottlenecks in the performance can be easily identified. It serves as a starting point to analyse load peaks and disturbances more closely as well as a network monitoring tool to ensure network quality.

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What makes it so special?

The uncomplicated entry - Just Plug & Play! The Allegro is small, lightweight and does not need to be configured. It can be flexibly integrated at almost any point in the network, for example directly with customers or it can be just as easily relocated. Our customers also appreciate that our debugger is both mobile and high performing. This allows a cost-effective, yet powerful network analysis.

What sizes of the network troubleshooting tool system are there?

The Allegro comes in three different system sizes - designed for network analysis in 1G, 10G, 40G or 100G networks. The entry-level model (Allegro 200) is barely larger than a smartphone with 260 g, the larger versions (Allegro 1000 / Allegro 3000) fit with around 2 kg in every laptop bag. The Allegro 1000 & 3000 series is also available as a rack device. All these devices will accelerate your network analysis many times over.

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