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Intuitive Web Interface

The intuitive web interface, which works with any browser, allows an easy entry for network traffic analysis for fast troubleshooting. The integrated search function facilitates the sorting, searching and filtering of MAC or IP addresses, ports, VLANs, TCP handshakes, packet losses, HTTP latencies and much more. The results are displayed in fractions of a second. Even remote analysis without waiting times is possible.

Comprehensive Analyses

The Allegro Network Multimeter includes many different analysis modules. The Allegro Network Multimeter analyzes and correlates all metadata across network layers 2 to 7 and enables detailed monitoring of the entire network traffic. For example, all Ethernet types can be examined and extracted on layer 2. The analysis modules are constantly being expanded by Allegro Packets.

Real-time Analysis

The troubleshooting tool enables real-time analysis of network traffic immediately after commissioning. Network traffic problems and unexpected connection interruptions can be detected and mapped within seconds. The system administrator can quickly click through the statistics without waiting for the results. No time is lost waiting for the data and the work process is not interrupted.

Pcap Extraction for Wireshark

With the help of web interfaces, Pcap data can be extracted in real-time and retroactively: e.g. all packets of a MAC address, or all packets of a connection, or all packets of a layer 7 protocol at a specific time and much more. Wherever the Pcap capture button appears on the web interface, the data can be downloaded. This function is also possible retrospectively if the cause of the problem is already in the past. This feature eliminates the need for complicated filter settings. If you use Wireshark, the Allegro Network Multimeter is the perfect extension. It facilitates Wireshark analysis since only a fraction of the total traffic needs to be examined.

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