Allegro Network Multimeter JBOD Features

Hard Drive Extension for the Allegro Network Multimeter

  • Just a Bunch of Disks
  • Hard drive extension for Allegro Network Multimeter
  • Expandable by up to 792 TB HDD
  • Up to 40 GBit/s recording rate
  • Supports multiple parallel ring buffers
  • 2U or 4U
  • 28 kg or 44 kg
  • Installation by qualified Allegro Packets staff
Allegro Network Multimeter JBOD
Allegro 4 U JBOD

Just a Bunch of Disks

JBODs are used to expand the hard drive capacity of the Allegro Network Multimeter from the Allegro 1000 onwards, increasing the ring buffer memory capacity of an Allegro Network Multimeter by up to 44 hard drives.

The JBOD extensions are designed for 10 GBit/s (2U) or 40 GBit/s (4U) recording rate. This makes it very easy to expand compatible Allegro Network Multimeters by up to a total of 792 TB with HDDs with up to 40 GBit/s recording rates.

The Allegro JBOD is available for Allegro appliances from the 1000 and up and requires a free expansion slot for the SAS controller in the Allegro Network Multimeter. The connection between the Allegro Network Multimeter and the JBOD extension uses 2 x 1-metre length SAS cables. The installation of the expansion card is handled by Allegro Packets in Leipzig or by a certified Allegro Partner.

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