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Background articles on network analysis

How our diagnostic tool for network analysis solves administrators' problems

Hot server rooms, a droning cooling system, a multitude of coloured cables and flashing lights: this is what a classic data centre looks like. How can discrepancies in the network be efficiently resolved in this environment?

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Determining "Digital Footprints" in the Network

Communication between technical devices and applications is based on IP addresses. Every device and every application in a network has got its own IP address which is based on the Internet Protocol (IP) in computer networks. There are several options for checking the connection on the Allegro Network Multimeter which are described in the following article.

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TCP analysis with Allegro Network Multimeter

Measuring handshake times using TCP analytics

How much time do your handshakes actually take? We'll tell you. With the Allegro Network Multimeter, you can see at a glance how long the client handshake takes in one direction or the other - both globally and locally. Product Manager and Managing Director of Allegro Packets GmbH Klaus Degner explains how to determine and analyze handshake times using an example from the Leipzig office.

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Controlling packet loss with the Allegro Network Multimeter

Packet loss

Packet loss is disruptive to the network because it causes delays. TCP protocols establish reliable data transmission but disguise the effects of packet loss. TCP ensures that data is transmitted on the basis of a concept called "sliding window". This mechanism controls the transmitted byte sequences and the received acknowledgements. With the help of sequencing, a receiver can inform the sender about missing data (e.g. packet loss).

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Profinet setup with integrated Allegro Network Multimeter

Avoid network failures utilising Profinet analysis

Profinet provides a standard for data communication in the automation industry. The better the quality of the transmission the better the production. This is why it's important to continuously measure quality. The challenge is how it can be done in a simple and uncomplicated way?

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Path measurement: packet loss & latency

Path Measurement

If multiple locations are connected by dedicated lines and network problems are reported that cannot be easily traced, then a passive measurement can be made using two Allegro Network Multimeters (any model).

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Structur Fully Qualified Domain Name

DNS - The Phone Book for IP Addresses

DNS is an important service in IP-based networks and a central component of the Internet. All exchange partners on the Internet communicate with each other by the use of IP addresses which are used by computers for mutual networking.

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Pcap Analyzer: Pcap Filter of the Allegro Network Multimeter

Wireshark and the Allegro Network Multimeter Part 2/2: Wireshark is not the only solution with on-board tools to filter large pcap files. This blog article describes the options incorporated in the Allegro Network Multimeter for examining large capture files.

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Structuring Large Capture Files

Wireshark and the Allegro Network Multimeter Part 1/2: If Wireshark is launched without setting parameters, a live capture starts or a pre-recorded pcap file opens. Thousands of packets may be waiting that have to be analyzed by the user. This can be frustrating. This article explains strategies to overcome the challenges of packet analysis - using Wireshark on-board tools and the Allegro Network Multimeter pcap filter.

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Connection of a typical Webex client

Solve Connection Problems of Web Meetings

Connectivity problems can sometimes cause frustration when applications are launched. A member of staff complains about poor Wi-Fi in the conference room. Find out how he can use the Allegro Network Multimeter to conduct his planned web meeting.

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