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Allegro Network Multimeter Release 4.2.

The new firmware version 4.2 is available for the Allegro Network Multimeter. This firmware contains numerous improvements and enhancements compared to version 4.1 and …

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Top 10 Use Cases

Is it the network, the server, the client or the application? How can errors in the network be quickly detected and isolated - regardless of whether the event being …

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Allegro Network Multimeter Release 3.6.0

The new firmware version 3.6.0 is available for the Allegro Network Multimeter. If compared to version 3.5.1, this firmware contains numerous improvements, enhancements, …

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Allegro appliances not affected by log4j security issue

Recently, a critical security issue has been found in the software "log4j" (CVE-2021-44228). We want to inform our customer about the status of our firmware. We do not …

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Allegro User Day 2021 videos

In September, the Allegro User Day took place at the Felix Club Haus in Leipzig. This was a training event for users of Allegro Network Multimeters and focused on future …

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Webcast on release 3.1 with Custom dashboards, new SIP views and other features

Webcast on the latest firmware, release 3.1

Klaus Degner, Managing Director of Allegro Packets, introduces you to the most important new features of the Allegro operating system in the "Firmware Release 3.1" …

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Trigger a Capture via a USB Presenter

Network Insights: Video on pcap Creation for Non-technicians

In the new video from Allegro Packets, Klaus Degner explains how to start a capture using a USB presenter.

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Video of the new Allegro Network Multimeter 1300 / 3300 / 5300 Series

Watch the product video to learn more about the key specifications of the Allegro Network Multimeter x300 Series.

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Company Excursion and Anniversary Party

Our excursion 2019 took us to the brown coal power station near Leipzig. Afterwards we celebrated our 5-year anniversary with a big party.

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