A hike along the Markkleeberg lake

Allegro Packets on Tour

At least once a year, the entire Allegro Packets team goes on tour to have a great time together and to have warm, insightful or even inspiring conversations far away from the daily work routine. This time we're off to the Markkleeberg lake for an autumn trip.

Warm rays of sunshine tickle the tips of our noses, while the landscape in the background has already put on its red-orange coat. We tighten the laces on our shoes one last time before tour guide Katja picks us up in Markkleeberg - ready to begin the 4-kilometer hike. Katja has been accompanying various groups on their outdoor tours for several years. Today we are delighted that she will guide us along Lake Markkleeberg for the next few hours, full of energy and euphoria.

1, 2, 3 and go!

During our hike, we make several stops to use the time for some teambuilding games. Before each game, we start anew by forming individual groups out of different team members. The purpose of the individual tasks is to collectively develop ideas and strategies. Creativity is needed here. Those who are skilled in tying knots can apply their know-how in the following challenge. Tom doesn't need to be told twice, so he starts leading his team members through each knot piece by piece, or string by string. In total, five knots are to be tied between the team members, who each form a chain by holding a rope in their right and left hands. In the next game, it turns out that our colleague Georg is a true puzzle professional. He solves the three puzzles in record time. Finally, we have to estimate 400 grams as accurately as possible with objects lying around. For Soumar's team, this task is easy - with a total of 403 grams on the scales, they win this game. "I am working in production, I can do it!" he proudly announces.

Over lunch, we round off together the afternoon in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. We feast until our bellies are full and we can't fit any more in. Then we make our way back to lively, bustling Leipzig.

For us, team events offer the opportunity to share a wonderful experience with our colleagues. But that's far from being all. A team event is an opportunity for us as a company to actively strengthen cohesion and trust within our team. It is important to us that our employees feel good and like being at work. That's why team events are an integral part of the Allegro Packets culture - we make sure that our employees can connect, whenever it is possible.

We would like to thank all those who made this day a great experience full of impressions. Together with them, we are already looking forward to the next edition of Allegro Packets on Tour!

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The colleagues during the teambuilding games

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