Allegro Network Multimeter Release 3.6.0

TCP flow chart extension and multiple pcap analysis

The new firmware version 3.6.0 is available for the Allegro Network Multimeter. If compared to version 3.5.1, this firmware contains numerous improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes. Furthermore, it is equally suitable for all Allegro Packets measuring devices. Some highlights of the new firmware version are listed here:

  • TCP flow chart contains new diagrams for e.g. throughput, zero window, dup acks, retransmission, and detailed diagrams for TCP sequence and acknowledgment numbers.
  • Multiple pcaps from a storage medium can now be analyzed together in a manner comparable to mergecap.
  • New analysis profiles allow users to pick different settings and input filters for different offline analysis methods (e.g. packet length accounting, tunnel view mode, VLAN handling, etc.).
  • LACP analysis has been added to show the synchronization status of LACP port channels. It also allows events to be configured based on changes in LACP synchronization status.
  • Complex filter expressions can now use a unary negation operator.
  • Jitter buffer overrun counters have been added to the SIP and RTP statistics.

Allegro Packets customers receive a list of all features included in version 3.6.0 by email. The release is available immediately for all customers with support.


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