Allegro Network Multimeter Release 4.2.

Extended network visibility and effective network analysis

The new firmware version 4.2 is available for the Allegro Network Multimeter. This firmware contains numerous improvements and enhancements compared to version 4.1 and can be installed on all devices with support.

The highlights of the release include:

  • With the introduction of the DB persistence feature, seamless data continuity can be guaranteed, even after a system restart or shutdown. This means that customers never lose track of their data again.
  • Enhanced control with Virtual Link Groups: Thanks to the functional expansion of the virtual link groups (VLG), more flexibility and control is possible when analysing networks! This includes customized timeouts and independent data resets.
  • Extended network visibility with the new QUIC, GOOSE and DICOM measurement modules. We added these measurement modules, to further expanding your network analysis capabilities, offering you a more comprehensive toolkit for in-depth network analysis and troubleshooting across diverse application areas.
  • Fine-grained user permissions improves user management: tailored permissions are just as possible as the demotion of administrators.
  • Extension of PDF reports. The global IP address/IP group filter is now available in the PDF report function, which enables reports for individual systems or system groups.
  • Analyze effectively your network with the new WHOIS lookup functionality: We introduce a new “WHOIS” button next to IP addresses to actively lookup the "whois" information and show it in a dialog.
  • Time-to-Live (TTL) statistics enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of network traffic and its dynamics. Changes in TTL values over time can be visualised using an intuitive graph, providing valuable insight into potential routing issues or network configuration changes.

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