Allegro Packets Celebrates 5th Company Anniversary

For the past 5 years we have debugged the world!

2nd Allegro User Day at the Zoo Leipzig

Since 2014 Allegro Packets has been your specialist for network troubleshooting. To mark the occasion of our fifth anniversary we enjoyed a small celebration at our new company headquarters in Leipzig.

Exactly five years ago, Allegro Packets was formed by 5 founding members in Leipzig. The mission: debug networks! Over the past five years we have set ourselves tough goals and achieved them. Our Allegro Network Multimeters have become the worldwide leading-edge network troubleshooting tools.

During the anniversary celebration, the first hardware development of our start-up was honoured: the Allegro 200 (End of Life since 2023). As the launch product of our successful Network Multimeter family, it contributed significantly to the company's success. In homage to this small yet powerful appliance, the Allegro team ate one; in the form of a sweet strawberry cake.

On the occasion of our anniversary, we would like to thank in particular all our employees, sales partners, customers and contributors for bringing our vision of trouble-free networks to life. We look forward to working together with you all in the future to make the world's networks more efficient.

With our increasing number of orders and employees, plus  our flexible in-house development team, we are excited and optimistic about the future.


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