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Rental of test equipment, mentoring programme, internships and much more

Just established on the market, the Allegro Network Multimeter has already made a quick career. We are very happy about this and would like to support others in their careers.

Test equipment for research projects

That's why our multimeter are available to borrowing from us. Anyone who is currently working on the topic of network analysis within a project or research work is warmly invited to introduce the project to us briefly. If the Allegro Network Multimeter offers an added value, it can be borrowed from us as a temporarily test trial.

Mentoring programme and job fairs

In addition, our managing director Katrin Pflugfelder is engaged as a mentor for female MINT college students and girls who are interested in MINT-subjects ( In this role, she was involved in the HerCareer career fair in Munich this month, where she held a MeetUp on the topic "IP data processing in computer networks today and tomorrow" (details here: ).

Allegro Packets for Students

Girls and boys are warmly invited to join us in March 2018 at the "Schau rein" event, when companies in Saxony open their doors for pupils. Just like last year, we are organizing an informative gathering where high school students can inform themselves about the career of a software developer and its access possibilities.


Just like this year after the "Schau-rein" event, when two of the students took an internship with ours, we also offer internships for students during the year. Whoever has already taken the first steps in programming is invited to proceed this during an internship at Allegro Packets. 


On our career page we also regularly publish vacancies for student employees, currently in the fields of software development C and marketing.

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