Baking cookies together at Allegro Packets

In the Christmas bakery...

Everywhere it's the same with people. Even if it's not the baking at home experience in the kitchen with all the kids, but rather in the grand foyer of companies, people are still busy handling flour and spreading powdered sugar icing. Wonderful (sticky).

That's how it was yesterday at Allegro Packets. With a lot of attention to detail, we and our colleagues, along with our family members, spread icing and baked cookies.

In Allegro Packets' cherished tradition, every year we are all invited to bake cookies over punch and mulled wine during Advent season. Since the last two years this fixed date fell victim to Corona, we were especially happy about it this season.

Whilst the hard-working bakers gathered at the big baking table, the other colleagues feasted on the mulled wine pot.

In the end, we all had a stomach ache from all the snacking and the children's cheeks were glowing with pre-Christmas excitement. I daresay there won't be any cookies left by Christmas.

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