Coming soon! - The Allegro Network Multimeter

The Allegro Network Multimeter is coming soon!

Allegro Packets offers the network monitoring and debugging solution Allegro Network Multimeter that decodes Layer-2 to Layer-7 information and displays the correlations between the decoded data on a modern web based GUI.
The Allegro Network Multimeter is available as software for a virtual network function (VNF) or as fully integrated portable hardware. Both the software and hardware solutions scale from 1 Gigabit to 100 Gigabit. The Allegro Network Multimeter gives a detailed, real-time insight into the network traffic, allowing for the identification of network problems, performance bottlenecks as well as for the measurement of network quality parameters. It can be used in a wide variety of ways, including network trouble shooting, performance measurement, and performance monitoring. The VNF or the hardware can be installed within minutes and provides a modern web based interface for the analysis of multiple network traffic parameters from all layers of the network stack. The hardware can be placed inline in gigabit networks or run on a mirror port of a switch or router. It measures and correlates network parameters including VLAN, MAC, IP, Geolocation, ports, latencies on Layer-4 to Layer-7, Deep Packet Inspection, HTTP, DNS, SSL, DHCP. All information is available in real-time including history graphs of the traffic for the complete device, for the MAC address, for the IP address, or even for the IP/protocol pair. The device uses only main system memory without permanent data storage. Network traffic can also be captured in real-time as HTTP downloads, including filtering to selected IPs, protocols, or MAC address.

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Allegro Network Multimeter

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