Company Excursion and Anniversary Party

Our 2019 excursion was combined with the big party for our 5th company anniversary. You probably think; they already had a celebration with the Allegro 200 as strawberry cake. Yes, you’re absolutely correct. 4th July is the official date of the anniversary but we only had a small celebration with champagne and cake. So, we made plans for a big party in November.

So today, the 15th of November, was the excursion and party date. In the early afternoon, the Allegro Packets team went on an excursion to the Lippendorf coal-fired power plant which is close to Leipzig. We decided to go there because we are interested in environmental topics. The idea was to get to know more about opposing views on the environment and get a better understanding of their opinions. 

We spent nearly two hours at the coal-power plant which consists of two blocks which burn brown coal for the production of electricity and heat. Our guide showed us the complete running block ‘R’. Coal-fired power stations produce energy for 3 million households in the region and serve about 590,000 people with long-distance heat, around 80 percent of the population of Leipzig. The plant is very modern and highly efficient. Every process runs automatically. We met no one in the production halls. 

One of the highlights was the view from the top of the furnace which is 150 metres above ground level. This is the highest man-made view point in Saxony. From there we had an amazing view of the landscape around Leipzig. Between the massive cooling towers we saw the famous skyline of Leipzig. Below the roof we were standing above the 130 metre long furnace which burns brown coal.

The excursion was exciting and we learned a lot about coal-fired power production. We are sure that technology will face many challenges in the future regarding electricity and heat supply. 

After this exciting afternoon we came back to our office for the big anniversary party. We invited family and friends to enjoy delicious Spanish Paella, Tapas and wine. We laughed about some funny stories of the early days of Allegro Packets.

Also on that evening we had a company quiz to find out who knows the company best. We racked our brains answering questions like "how many window handles are in the office?", "how many chairs do we have in total?" and "how many stairs do you take each day to reach the office door?". It is shocking how low the awareness for details can be.That is probably because we are too focused on our tasks. We were surprised that our office has 3 chairs per person :)

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