1st Allegro User Day

A varied day for Allegro users

1st Allegro User Day in Leipzig

On Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 we organized our first Allegro User Day for our customers. Since many of our guests had a longer journey, the day began with a relaxed getting to know each other over a nice breakfast. Afterwards, everyone had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the Allegro, its functions and its new features in numerous workshops.

The workshops took place in small groups and offered many opportunities to expand knowledge on specific topics, ask questions and exchange experiences. The workshops consisted of explanations and live demos and were held by our developers and CEO Klaus Degner. Participants were able to choose from various topics which interested them and to try out what the speaker had to say with their own laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The goal of the day was for our customers to get to know our device even better so that they can work with it more efficiently afterwards. We were also very interested in feedback and suggestions for improvement and are now incorporating this into next year´s workshop planning.

In the late afternoon, after so much input from workshops, everyone's head was buzzing (which was our goal :-)) and we all decided to go canoeing on wonderful Leipzig's waterways. Alongside many beautiful places we could discover many animals. At the beginning we had our difficulties though, and attracted some displeasure of professional canoeists but at the end we could almost keep up with them :-)

After sporty canoe tour, everyone deserved a nice dinner (and beer;)). A Spanish cook prepared live a large pan of paella for us, which was very delicious.

It was a great day, a lot of fun and we would like to thank all guests for coming! 

We hope to see you again at the second Allegro User Day!

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