Looking back on the Allegro User Day 2024

Sharing knowledge and networking

On March 6, the fifth Allegro User Day occurred at the picturesque Villa Ida / Mediencampus in Leipzig's Gohlis district. Under a bright sky, we welcomed over 60 enthusiastic participants from the DACH region who came to Leipzig to explore the latest developments around the Allegro Network Multimeter together. It was a great pleasure to welcome both new and familiar faces and to have the great opportunity to meet with our users.

The day began with a warm welcome from our managing directors Katrin Pflugfelder and Klaus Degner who greeted the attendees and introduced the Allegro Packets team to them. It was a great start to the fifth User Day, which featured many innovations. After a presentation of the current and upcoming Allegro Packets products, the participants were given a comprehensive overview of the latest features of the releases 4.0 and 4.1. From the innovative Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) features to the multi-ring buffer and the integration of the Keysight Hawkeye into the Allegro Network Multimeter – each new feature was highlighted in detail. Special attention was also paid to the topics of Wi-Fi and path measurement. It was fascinating to see the ease with which the speakers were able to present these complex topics and give the participants a deep insight into the latest developments.

It's tough to listen and focus on an empty stomach. That's why there was a lunch break after this exciting input, so our guests and speakers could relax and chat in a cozy atmosphere. Villa Ida provided the perfect setting for conversation and networking, with its modern ambience, elegant details, and spacious rooms. During the short coffee breaks, the guests also took the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing break in the foyer and exchange ideas with their fellow attendees.

Having restored full energy after the break, we continued with an outlook on the upcoming release 4.2, and its new features. Our managing director Klaus Degner also gave some insights about the company's plans for 2024 and the developments of the Allegro Network Multimeter, including the exciting topic of AI and its useful role in troubleshooting.

The participants were engaged in asking questions, giving feedback, and sharing their expertise, which helped us to further sharpen our development focus. A live poll also revealed what other topics our users were particularly interested in. The lively participation and active engagement of our guests once again confirmed that the Allegro User Day is not only an opportunity to share knowledge but also a valuable platform to shape the future of Allegro Packets together.

The evening's presentation literally came to a magical end with a performance by magician Alfonso Rituerto, who then continued his show in Leipzig's Ratskeller restaurant and wowed his audience with all kinds of tricks. On the way to the restaurant, some guests took the opportunity to take a walk along the so-called "Zooschaufenster", a spot in the park to see zoo animals, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and sunset. We concluded the day at the traditional restaurant in Leipzig's city center with dinner in a relaxed setting.

We would like to thank all our guests for this wonderful day and are already looking forward to seeing you again at the next Allegro User Day!

Don't miss the aftermovie with the highlights of this year's Partner Day.

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