Postcard from Grimma by Allegro Packets

Hiking, gourmet food and city tour

Our company event this year took us to the impressive Saxon town of Grimma. An area known for recurring floods. The town broke a record high water mark in 2002. The extent of the disaster must have been unimaginable - but for illustration purposes, the flooding is more than twice as high as our colleague Nina!

Nina at the high water mark

We started our 10 km hike from the train station in Grimma. Amongst spectacular scenes with lots of greenery and water, was the ruins of the Nimbschen monastery proving to be one of the highlights of our route. Katharina of Bora, the future wife of Martin Luther, once lived here. Our colleague Kerstin proved to be knowledgeable of the history and was able to spontaneously tell us the story of Katharina's life and career.

After Kerstin's stories we went on to a rope ferry and then crossed the River Mulde to Höfgen on "Brigitte II". The ferryman had some fun with us and made the boat sway. For a short time it was feared that large parts of the crew would fall victim to the floods. But fortunately we were all able to reach the other side safe and dry and then set off for the ship mill. We continued our walk along the Mulde to the Rabenstein lookout rock, where we enjoyed the peace and quiet and a beautiful panorama of the Mulde. After catching our breath and a candy bar, energised we then briskly continued our walk.

Panorama of the river Mulde

Slowly, and after a lot of walking some stomachs could be heard grumbling, so we strolled over the Grimmaische suspension bridge to the restaurant. There we took a (well-deserved!) break with cool drinks and feasted. We finished the day together with a small city tour through Grimma and then drove back to Leipzig together, where the impressive and warm day came to an end.

We thank you very much for the nice day full of memories, fun and funny conversations.

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