Recap: Allegro User Day 2019

70 customers and partners at the Allegro User Day 2019 at the impressive Leipzig Zoo

2nd Allegro User Day at the Zoo Leipzig

VoIP, QoS and TCP statistics were the focus yesterday alongside tapir, wrinkled hornbill and cocoa plants. This year our customer event took place in the conference rooms of the Gondwanaland in Leipzig Zoo.

The event kicked off with a come together and breakfast. The large temple foyer of the conference rooms formed the atmospheric exotic backdrop. We were pleased to see many familiar faces and first-time invitees. A total of almost 70 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland accepted our invitation.

The first events consisted of three workshops of 40 minutes each. Each participant could choose their favourite workshops in advance depending on their interest and individual experience with the Allegro Network Multimeter. Popular workshops were ‘Quality analysis: L2 - L4: bursts, TCP statistics’ and ‘How do I investigate network errors?’

A special feature of the Allegro User Day are its speakers, since the workshops are held by the developers of the Allegro Network Multimeter themselves. There's no better way to get closer to our technology, enabling participants to gain really good insight into our products.  

Our goal was to enable the invitees to evaluate our troubleshooting tool even more productively and to show them our new analysis modules.

For lunch, an excellent Asian buffet perfectly matched the location, including chickpea salad in curry dressing, Hoisin turkey breast pan with sugar peas and for dessert delicious mango cream with fresh mint.

After lunch, the second round of workshops commenced at 1 p.m. with another three sessions for each participant. This round included workshops entitled ‘Advanced Settings and Expert Configurations’ and ‘Quality of Service in Networks Investigating and Recognizing Misconfigurations.’ Participants logged on to the Allegro Network Multimeter with their laptops and tablets and were able to closely follow the analysis steps.

For us as developers of the tool, every participants’ input was particularly important, be it through individual questions, feature requests or extensions. We already had some questions and feature requests on the screen, and thanks to this process, a number of innovative features will be added to our roadmap. In summary, we were assured by positive feedback, confirming that we are well positioned to become the indispensable partner for high performance network troubleshooting.

At the end of the workshops we gathered once again in the large temple foyer and our managing directors Mrs. Pflugfelder and Mr. Degner gave us an outlook on upcoming product enhancements and features.

After a total of 5 hours of valuable mutual knowledge transfer, the heads smoked and it was time for the relaxing part. Already during the workshops funny exotic birds and monkeys in front of the windows to the tropical hall provided laughter. During an individual tour through the tropical hall Gondwanaland we could convince ourselves that the animals also found us very funny and tasty. Especially the shoelaces of one of our participants were what the Sclater’s crowned-pigeons liked most :-)

Here is a little excursion for all of you who don't know the background to the Gondwanaland of the Leipzig Zoo yet: Gondwana is the name of the supercontinent in the southern hemisphere from which Africa, South America, Antarctica, Australia and India emerged. With an even temperature of 25 degrees and a humidity of > 65 percent, Gondwanaland is home to flora and fauna from three continents. The special thing about it are the many "freely" running animals that jump along the paths, jump into the water next to the visitors or even play with the shoelaces of the visitors.

Together with the participants we ended the day with a dinner in the nearby restaurant Tamers. Here again we had the opportunity to exchange ideas and celebrate a successful day.

The day was a lot of fun for us, we learned a lot and imparted a lot of knowledge. Many thanks to all participants for coming and for the constructive discussions. We are looking forward to the next time.


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