Top 10 Use Cases

The Top 10 Use Cases for the Allegro Network Multimeter

Is it the network, the server, the client or the application? How can errors in the network be quickly detected and isolated - regardless of whether the event being analyzed is current or in the past? What network performance statistics and metrics are displayed in what detail in the GUI?

We compiled our top 10 use cases to illustrate how and when Allegro Network Multimeters can quickly identify network problems, performance bottlenecks, and packet loss.

For example, our Top 10 shows how the Allegro Network Multimeter can be used to troubleshoot packet-based VoIP and RTP, or to estimate where problems with communications services such as MS Teams or Zoom originate and how big their impact is. This and much more is an impressive demonstration of how Allegro Network Multimeters, as a complete network troubleshooting solution, can make any system admin's life easier.

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