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Top 10 Use Cases

Is it the network, the server, the client or the application? How can errors in the network be quickly detected and isolated - regardless of whether the event being …

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IT-Administrator tests the Allegro 1000

IT-Administrator, a specialist magazine published by Heinemann Verlag, carried out an independent device test with the Allegro Network Multimeter. The focus was on the …

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Collaboration in Action

A tangle of cables stretches across the shiny parquet floor, spotlights bathe the rooms in tension-generating light. Tripods and cameras are everywhere, ready to capture …

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Allegro Packets Relase 4.1

More power for network analysis

Leipzig, 25 September 2023 - Allegro Packets, a leading network analysis and troubleshooting provider based in Leipzig, Germany, is providing network professionals with …

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A Visionary Team Day

At Allegro Packets, team events take place on a regular basis; they are an integral and important part of the corporate culture. The variety of events ranges from a …

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Allegro Packets & Open Reality Ltd enter partnership

Leipzig, Germany, September 5, 2023 - Leipzig-based network analysis specialist Allegro Packets and Open Reality have agreed on a new strategic sales partnership.

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Allegro Packets introduces new generation of products: Allegro Network Multimeter x310/x410/x510

Leipzig, Germany, July 4, 2023 - Leipzig-based network analysis specialist Allegro Packets releases a new product generation. The Allegro x310/x410/x510 are the …

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3rd Allegro Packets Partner Day in a Baroque Setting

The impressive baroque hall of the Salles de Pologne in downtown Leipzig, where Allegro Packets had invited its partners on May 23 and 24, was filled with a cheerful buzz …

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Allegro Network Multimeter goes wireless

Leipzig, Germany, April 26, 2023 - Network analysis and troubleshooting specialist Allegro Packets has released a software update that extends the capabilities of the …

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Allegro Packets appoints Mike Canney to US Principal Field Engineer

Leipzig, Germany / Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, January 5, 2023 - Allegro Packets, a leading network analytics specialist, has chosen Mike Canney to be its first Principal …

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Baking cookies together at Allegro Packets

Everywhere it's the same with people. Even if it's not the baking at home experience in the kitchen with all the kids, but rather in the grand foyer of companies, people …

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A hike along the Markkleeberg lake

At least once a year, the entire Allegro Packets team goes on tour to have a great time together and to have warm, insightful or even inspiring conversations far away …

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