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Trigger a Capture via a USB Presenter

Network Insights: Video on pcap Creation for Non-technicians

In the new video from Allegro Packets, Klaus Degner explains how to start a capture using a USB presenter.

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German trade press reports on the new Allegro 1300, 3300 and 5300.

Allegro x300 Series in the Press

German trade press reports on the new Allegro 1300, 3300 and 5300.

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The newly integrated RTCP protocol for Release 3.0

Release 3.0: Allegro Network Multimeter With New Operating System

Leipzig, September 10, 2020 - With Release 3.0, Allegro Packets provides a major system update and new features and enhancements (e.g. VoIP/RTCP).

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Debugging Skype with the Allegro Network Multimeter - Technical Article in LANline 2020

LANline Presents Skype Debugging Methods

Skype is business-critical and has replaced VoIP phones in many companies. What can the admin do to investigate the connection in case of problems? If there are repeated …

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c't presents the Allegro 200 as a professional way to capture in home and small business networks.

c't gives top marks for Allegro Network Multimeter

The magazin c’t admin presents the Allegro 200 (End of Life since 2023) as a dedicated solution for capturing in home and small company networks.

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Swisscom uses the Allegro 5500 in the VoIP network for troubleshooting and visibility

Allegro Packets high-end analyzer on the Swisscom VoIP network

Leipzig, July 20, 2020 - Swisscom, the number one in the Swiss telecommunications industry relies on the support of Allegro Packets in their VoIP network.

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The user story of the Gemeinsames Netzwerk Zentrum has been published in the magazine it-daily.

it-daily reports on analysis in the network of Max Planck Institutes

The user story of the Joint Network Center (GNZ) has been published in the magazine it-daily.

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Allegro Packets introduces new Allegro x300 series

Product Launch of the Allegro Network Multimeter x300 Series

Leipzig, 18.06.2020 – Allegro Packets expands its product family with high-end appliances only 1U high: the Allegro Network Multimeter 1300, 3300 and 5300.

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Video of the new Allegro Network Multimeter 1300 / 3300 / 5300 Series

Watch the product video to learn more about the key specifications of the Allegro Network Multimeter x300 Series.

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Allegro Packets Product Wiki · Documentation for the Allegro Network Multimeter

Product Wiki now online

We would like to introduce the Allegro Packets product Wiki, the information base for the Allegro Network Multimeter.

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Allegro Packets partners with TF.ZONE

Allegro Packets Announces the New Partnership with TF.ZONE

Leipzig, Germany / Moscow, Russia – 26. May 2020: The smart troubleshooting appliances of German-based network specialist Allegro Packets will now be distributed in …

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Firmware 2.6. Parallel Pcap Analysis / Allegro Packets

Firmware 2.6: Parallel Pcap Analysis Mode & Real-time Measurement

Leipzig, Germany April 8 2020 - For the first time this release enables offline analysis with simultaneous real-time measurement with only one device. Users can now …

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