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c't shows possibilities of simple network analysis with Packet Analyzer and Allegro Packets

c't shows possibilities of simple network analysis - in German

One of the cover stories in the recent issue of the c't magazine describes cost-efficient network analysis in home or small networks.

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Allegro Packets partners with Niagara Networks

Allegro Packets Joins Niagara Networks Technology Partner Program to Empower In-Depth Network Visibility and Monitoring

Leipzig, Germany / San Jose CA. 19. February 2020: Today the Leipzig-based German network troubleshooting specialist Allegro Packets, market leading manufacturer of …

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Gerrman Hospital IT Journal reports on Allegro Packets in 2019

Hospital IT Journal with a review

The Krankenhaus-IT Journal published a review of the popular German IT security fair it-sa, which took place in autumn 2019, and Allegro Packets as an exhibitor with the …

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New Webshark feature delights the press - packet analyzer with Wireshark functions

New Webshark feature delights the press - in German

The professional magazines IT-Administrator, LANline and IP-Insider report on the Allegro Packets firmware update 2.5.

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Allegro Packets in the Hospital IT Journal

Allegro Packets' review of the DMEA trade fair has already been published in Krankenhaus IT-Journal in June 2019. The article is now available as an online resource.

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Video Recording of Release 2.5 Webinar

In the video, Klaus Degner explains the new features of Release 2.5. Including the benefits, use cases and development backgrounds of the new functions.

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TU Graz Relies on Allegro Packets for Network Analysis

TU Graz Relies on Allegro Packets for Network Analysis

Leipzig/Graz, 27.11.2019 - Allegro Packets, a leading provider and specialist in the field of network monitoring and analysis, has acquired one of Austria's largest …

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Network troubleshooting with Packet Analyzer from Allegro Packets in the data centre at Graz University of Technology

Report on network troubleshooting at TU Graz

In an interview, the Service Owner Network of the Graz University of Technology gives exciting insights and presents first results with the work of two Allegro Network …

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Success after a short time with Packet Analyzer - Allegro Network Multimeter in use in Austria

Success after a short time - a report in German

The Austrian trade magazine it&t business reports on network troubleshooting with Allegro Packets at the Graz University of Technology.

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Technical article in LANLine September 2019

What are the reasons for fluctuationg quality of networks? How to analyse them? In 2019s technical article in LANLine Klaus Degner shares his knowlegde about quality …

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New firmware release 2.5 with fully integrated Webshark Packet Analysis

Release 2.5: New Webshark Feature for the Allegro Network Multimeter

Leipzig, 21. November 2019 - Network analysis specialist Allegro Packets has released a comprehensive upgrade for the Allegro Network Multimeter, its market-leading …

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Company Excursion and Anniversary Party

Our excursion 2019 took us to the brown coal power station near Leipzig. Afterwards we celebrated our 5-year anniversary with a big party.

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