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ComputerWeekly reports on Allegro Packets' appliances on network analysis for 100G networks about the new Allegro 1000 and Allegro 3000 Series in comparison to the Allegro 200.

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Allegro Packets’ offers for students and pupils

Trials to rent for research projects, mentoring programs, internships and much more - this is how Allegro Packets supports students and pupils. 

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IT-Zoom berichtet über das Produktlaunch des Allegro 3000

IT-ZOOM reports on product launch of Allegro 3000 - in German

At it-sa we present the world's first mobile 100 GBit/s network analysis solution. DV-Dialog/IT-ZOOM reports in advance.

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llegro Packets presents the world's first mobile network analysis solution for 100G networks

It-sa-premiere: 100 GBit/s- mobile network analysis

Leipzig, 04.10.2017 - Allegro Packets presents the world's first mobile network analysis solution for 100G networks at this year's IT security trade fair it-sa.

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Allegro Packets on the trail of Karl Heine

Are we going to capsize?

To end the summer festively, we spurned the office for a whole day and did some sports instead. Naturally with subsequent sore muscles...

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Technical article in LANLine September 2017

On the trail of the bug

The complexity of today's network structures requires fast troubleshooting. LANline takes up this topic and reports on the possible applications of Allegro appliances. …

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Allegro Packets at the it-sa 2017

it-sa – here we come!

New features, smart design, technical updates and an exciting lecture on the Technology Forum in hall 10.0 - that's what we will bring with us when it-sa opens …

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Allegro Packets stages road shows in Baden-Württemberg

The Allegro Network Multimeter goes on tour. From 15th – 19th May we are participating in the hands-on seminar „troubleshooting modern networks“ in Karlsruhe, Freiburg, …

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Die Fachzeitschrift c't berichtet über die neue Produkterweiterung

c't reports about our new power pack - in German

On the Internet and in the current print edition, c't provides information about our product expansion.

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Product launch of the 10/40G Allegro Multimeter

Network troubleshooter: Product launch of the 10 / 40G Allegro Network Multimeter

Startup Allegro Packets, specialists in analyzing network traffic, will be exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on 27.02. to 02.03 2017. As part of the …

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Allegro Network Multimeter released in the c't - in German

The largest German IT print magazine c't reports in its current issue 23/2016 about the Allegro Network Multimeter. A small forecast of the article can also be found on …

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Thanks for visiting us at the it-sa 2016

Thank you for visiting us!

We were pleased about our numerous visitors at our exhibition booth on the IT-SA in Nürnberg and would like to thank all of …

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