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Seeing through the network analysis jungle – a guide by David Griffiths

How to find the right provider for your network analysis.

Seeing through the network analysis jungle – a guide by David Griffiths

In an helpful article in the British magazine Networking+, freelance consultant David Griffiths helps you not to get lost whilst tracking down Network issues.

Especially in times of advancing digitalization, when not a day goes by without dozens of video conferences taking place and networks collapsing due to overload, it is important to have strong, reliable analysis and monitoring platform at your side. A platform that fits the needs of the business and is easy and quick to set up. In his guide, he looks at the most important factors of MTTR and gives specific vendor recommendations that meet these criteria. With relevant pointers to the necessary questions, companies receive clear explanations to sort the wheat from the chaff, in selecting the best cost-benefit ratio and solution for their needs. 

Griffiths is the author of several books on SNMP, network switching, and other technologies. He has led companies such as Cabletron Systems, Rockwell International, and InfoLibria, so he knows what it takes to choose the right network analysis tool. 

The detailed article can be found on page 14 of the following link:

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