Release 3.1: The personalized Allegro Network Multimeter

With Release 3.1, Allegro Packets gives its analyzers customizable Dashboards

Allegro Packets has released individual Dashboards for all Allegro Network Multimeter

Leipzig, Germany, December 16, 2020 – Today the Leipzig-based German network troubleshooting specialist Allegro Packets, market leading manufacturer of network measurement and troubleshooting systems, rolled out a new Firmware update. Release 3.1 is available immediately for all supported Allegro Network Multimeters and for the first time provides the ability to create custom Dashboards. This means users can now access personalized views of analysis module data even faster. There is no need for repeated selection and filtering. In addition, it is possible to share these individual boards with other users..

The Allegro Network Multimeters display the measurement data of packets, connections and protocols of Layers 2 - 7 via a web interface. Here the user can now create individual Dashboards and fill them with configurable widgets. A selection can be made from a catalogue. Custom Dashboards can be imported, exported and saved as templates. Especially handy for the user is the option that filtering (e.g. by IP or IP group) is supported for the entire Dashboard as well as per widget. The note widget, which provides space for your own annotations, and the function to group the created Dashboards in the side menu are also helpful.

Individual Dashboards with Release 3.1

"By developing problem-based Dashboards that allow immediate focus on the desired metrics, we are fulfilling the request of numerous customers," said Klaus Degner, co-founder and Managing Director of Allegro Packets. "As a result, the Allegro Network Multimeter provides even more efficient troubleshooting with Release 3.1."

Examples of some Dashboard / widget variants:

  • the most important measurements of an IP at a glance
  • the TOP IPs at a glance
  • the most important servers at a glance

The Firmware update 3.1 includes numerous other improvements and bug fixes. It is available for download to all customers with immediate effect.


About Allegro Packets

The network analysis specialist Allegro Packets offers innovative troubleshooting and analysis products to solve network issues with the Allegro Network Multimeter family of appliances. The market leading Allegro Network Multimeters meet all requirements for information infrastructures. Customers include enterprises, data centres, IT service providers, system houses, ISPs and Telcos. The Allegro Network Multimeter product range is developed entirely in Germany. This guarantees the customer efficient support and a swift, easy integration of new features.


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