Allegro Network Multimeter goes wireless

Firmware release 4.0 from network analysis software vendor Allegro Packets enables wireless network analysis

Leipzig, Germany, April 26, 2023 - Network analysis and troubleshooting specialist Allegro Packets has released a software update that extends the capabilities of the Allegro Network Multimeter. The 4.0 firmware update enables users to measure wired network traffic and analyze wireless WiFi networks by using a separate USB WiFi capture adapter for the Allegro Network Multimeter.

"With this release, our Allegro Network Multimeter steps into the world of wireless networks. We are pleased to offer this convenient option to our customers from now on", comments Managing Director Klaus Degner on the latest development.

The update also enables analysis of layers L2 to L7 of wireless networks using optional WPA2-PSK decryption. By connecting up to 16 USB sticks, a large number of channels can be analyzed in parallel. The various frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz, 5 GHZ and 6 GHz are supported.

New feature for route measurement
A new route measurement feature is also introduced with this release, which allows track measurement between two Pcap files. The latter can be analyzed offline afterwards and a live setup is no longer necessary.

Extended RTP measurement
Furthermore, the RTP measurement has been significantly extended. This protocol, which is frequently used for the real-time transmission of audio and video data, can thus be examined in greater detail and errors can be found more easily. Among other things, RTP measurement now includes burst packet loss measurement, accurately documents timestamps and records the transmission duration of video frames. In this way, the Allegro Network Multimeter can significantly support troubleshooting when using web meeting tools or video chats such as MS Teams, as well as SIP or VoiP telephony.

Automated Pcap recording when incidents occur
Events can now configurably create Pcap files automatically. This allows direct examination or even uploading of packets when an event occurs.

Integrated SFTP server
The Allegro Network Multimeter brings an integrated SFTP server with the 4.0 release. This makes it even easier to integrate and manage the data loggers externally.

Allegro Network Multimeter now supports TETRA
Release 4.0 also adds support for the TETRA protocol, further expanding the application areas of the Allegro Network Multimeter, in this case to digital trunked radio.

Highlights of Release 4.0 for the Allegro Network Multimeter in summary

  • Measurement of WiFi networks
  • Analysis of the L2 to L7 layers of wireless networks using optional WPA2-PSK decryption
  • Distance measurement between Pcap files
  • Significantly enhanced RTP measurement
  • Automated Pcap recording when incidents occur
  • Integrated SFTP server
  • TETRA support

Allegro Packets customers will receive a list of all features included in version 4.0 by e-mail. The 4.0 firmware update provides improvements, new features and bug fixes for all Allegro Packets instruments. Release 4.0 is available immediately to all supported customers.

For more information and general contact details, please visit our website. Managing Director Klaus Degner presents in the webcast "Firmware Release 4.0" the WiFi feature.

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