Allegro Packets Announces Partnership with Austrian System House SCHOELLER

SCHOELLER: New Innovative Reseller in the Allegro Packets Network

Allegro Packets' neue Partnerschaft mit dem deutschen Reseller denk-stein:net

Leipzig/Vienna/Budapest, 29. November 2018 - Allegro Packets, the market leading manufacturer of network test and monitoring systems, announces a new partnership with SCHOELLER NETWORK CONTROL, a company within the Austrian Tec Group. For more than 30 years SCHOELLER has been providing professional solutions for measuring, logging, analyzing and managing networks and applications.

SCHOELLER NETWORK CONTROL will be responsible for the distribution and support of the state-of-the-art network diagnostic tools developed by Allegro Packets. The Allegro Packets product family include the Allegro 200 (End of Life since 2023), Allegro 1000, Allegro 3000 and Allegro 5000 series. These devices are among the most advanced tools for troubleshooting and network analysis and provide real-time statistics and selective packet filtering via Layers 2 - 7 in real-time and history mode. The web interface provides both comprehensive overviews and detailed statistics (e.g. IP, MAC addresses, VLANs, QoS, Layer 7 protocols and Voice over IP).

Thanks to the Allegro Network Multimeter, experts around the world save a lot of time in daily troubleshooting. Network problems and packet losses can be detected with just a few clicks, as can performance bottlenecks. The Allegro Network Multimeter uses powerful software algorithms to analyze load peaks and high granularity disturbances, while acting as a powerful network monitoring tool to ensure high network quality and reliability.

Problems in the network are rarely reported as they occur. The Allegro systems appliances quickly deal with the issue of which traffic occurred at which point in the network at a specific time. The time selection allows past and expired connections to be narrowed down and analyzed. The Allegro Network Multimeter provided a clear ‘before and after’ comparison that includes network users and the protocols used as well as detailed statistics of the individual server services.

"With the new products from Allegro Packets, SCHOELLER NETWORK CONTROL is expanding its analysis and monitoring portfolio in an exciting

way," said Michael Gruber, a highly experienced network analysis specialist at SCHOELLER NETWORK CONTROL. "Allegro Packets is a very versatile and innovative provider with a great future, and for us, the partnership with them is a key element for the future provision and expansion of our highly regarded IT services.”

Klaus Degner, Managing Director and founder of Allegro Packets, commented on the agreement, "With SCHOELLER NETWORK CONTROL, we now have a well-known international channel partner at our side through whom we can offer tailor-made solutions for every size of organization, tailored to their individual needs.”


About Allegro Packets
The network analysis specialist Allegro Packets offers innovative troubleshooting and analysis appliances to solve network issues with the Allegro Network Multimeter. The innovative features of the Allegro product range meet all requirements for information infrastructures. Customers include network managers from all organizations such as data centers, IT service providers, system houses and ISPs. The Allegro Network Multimeter is developed and manufactured entirely in Germany. This guarantees the customer efficient, local support and a swift, easy integration of new features.

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Allegro Packets GmbH
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Schoeller Network Control is a purely Austrian company that has been offering professional solutions in the field of network analysis and IT security for over 30 years. Schoeller Network Control has many years of experience and offers you, as an expert and partner, extensive expertise, solutions and services in the area of security and performance under the motto "everything under control". In order to be able to operate IT applications with the highest degree of efficiency, security and with the shortest possible response time, we offer performance analysis and troubleshooting services as well as corresponding monitoring solutions from renowned international manufacturers.

Michael Gruber
Ernst-Melchior Gasse 24/DG
1020 Wien
Phone: +43 1 689 292 92 16


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