Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.2

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.2 of its Market-Leading Analysis and Monitoring Software

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.2

Leipzig, 26. September 2018 - Allegro Packets announces the latest upgrade of their state-of-the-art analysis and monitoring software for the Allegro Network Multimeter product family. This release enables network administrators to stay one step ahead of changes in the fast-paced network market and eliminate the high cost and disruption often caused by reconfiguration issues. This latest release, Allegro 2.2, will be available to customers from October 2018.

Software Release 2.2 further optimizes Allegro Network Multimeters by providing faster, more detailed and accurate analysis of recorded data streams; for example, how IP addresses in a network can be grouped. By enhancing QoS capabilities and VoIP analysis, the Allegro Network Multimeter radically improves real-time data display to ensure that errors and bottlenecks that occur in real-time environments can be quickly detected and cost-effectively fixed.

"Allegro Packets customers already appreciate the benefits of our monitoring and analysis platform. For network administrators, this latest release will result in lower operating costs and improved performance along with significantly higher long-term agility," said Klaus Degner, Managing Director of Allegro Packets.

The new features of Allegro Network Multimeter Release 2.2 include the following highlights:

  • IP Groups: With the 2.2 software release, groups of IP data packets (IPv4, IPv6) can be combined for the first time enabling IP data from different IP servers, subnets, VPNs, clients, etc. to be aggregated.
  • Quality of Service: The QoS-related prioritization or parameterization of data traffic, data rate reservation, data rate limitation and packet optimization can be viewed in the following manner; 
    • L2 QoS displays the priorities on Layer 2 (both in the VLAN tag and the TC bits in the MPLS header), 
    • L3 QoS displays the priorities on Layer 3 and the corresponding data traffic as a graph, 
    • L4 QoS generates the list of ports and correlates it with the QoS labels recognized in the network. The top 5 QoS labels are sorted according to the current traffic volume, 
    • L7 QoS ensures the recognition of the QoS labels and relates them to the relevant Layer 7 applications. The top 5 QoS labels are sorted according to the current traffic volume.
  • SIP extensions: Expand the Voice over IP (VoIP) functional area and display detailed SIP statistics, SIP details and RTP information with greater resolution. 
  • OPC Unified Architecture: A new addition is the provision of measurement functions for the OPC-UA binary protocol. The OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is used where sensors, controllers and controllers from different manufacturers form a common network. 
  • Cluster Ring Buffers: The Allegro Network Multimeter can also create a ring buffer for up to 64 HDDs or SSDs. Here the packets are written alternately on the data carriers. Thus, both the memory size and the write speed can be increased. This is applicable for both internal and external data storage devices via USB3. 
  • Controlled packet forwarding and traffic duplication: Previously, data could only be stored in one Pcap and this could be forwarded via the network to any terminal device. Now it is possible to forward data streams (as raw Ethernet output) to a network interface. The data streams are not changed (or modified) but transported as a native Ethernet bit stream. 
  • Burst Analysis: Software Release 2.2 allows configuration of the total bandwidth of the available data channel for burst measurement. If, for example, only 30 percent load is usually transmitted on a network link (300 MB/s), this value can be set as the upper limit of this subchannel and the average data bursts that occur can be examined and the respective values displayed. In this case, a burst of up to 105 percent is permitted. This indicates that the data burst in the respective data channel exceeded the planned usage limit.

"The days when value was calculated in euros per megabyte are over. Our advanced software features set new standards in analysis and monitoring solutions and help network administrators focus on performance and control of network resources," said Mathias Hein, CMO at Allegro Packets. "The simple, scalable design of the Allegro product family facilitates monitoring of all types of networks. By eliminating irrelevant monitoring complexity, customers can focus on what's most important: error-free, reliable networks.

Visit us also at the it-sa trade show 2018 in Nuremberg. Allegro Packets will be demonstrating the latest Release 2.2 enhancements from 9 to 11 October in Nuremberg in Hall 9, Stand 120.

The latest software Release 2.2 of Allegro Packets is now available. Information on prices and products can be obtained from Allegro Packets at



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