Allegro Packets expands its product family with Allegro 500

The Allegro 500 is the latest development in high-performance passive Gigabit network analysis

Allegro 500, new addition to the Allegro Network Multimeter product family

Leipzig, 24. May 2019 – Allegro Packets, the leading specialist for network measurement and analysis has expanded its Multimeter product portfolio with the Allegro 500 to meet the needs of organisations which deploy Gigabit networks. The fully integrated hardware platform is optimized for the analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting of 1 to 4 GBit/s connections.

With the Allegro 500, Allegro Packets offers a compact portable appliance with an integrated management port and SSD with up to 4 GBit/s recording rate. The system (along with the Allegro 200), is designed for use in offices or smaller data centers and supports 4 x 1G-Base-T monitoring ports. The Allegro 500 is a portable solution that weighs less than one kilogram and is passively cooled.

The Allegro 500 complements the company’s product family and enhances Allegro's technological leadership in network measurement and analysis. In contrast to other Gigabit debuggers, Allegro Network Multimeters are true real-time devices that can monitor up to 100G connections in real-time and detect errors in seconds.

"With features such as fixed management and integrated SSD, we have been able to meet customer requirements with extremely high performance," commented Klaus Degner, Managing Director and Product Manager of Allegro Packets. "The Allegro 500 clearly sets itself apart from other network analyzers. This underlines our market leadership in the field of network measurement and analysis.”

The Allegro 500 is now available through the company’s reseller network in two different configurations - M and L. The Allegro 500-M has a 4GB in-memory DB and a 500GB SSD, the Allegro 500 L has an 8GB in-memory DB and a 1TB SSD.

Allegro Network Multimeters developed by Allegro Packets are among the world's most advanced troubleshooting and network analysis tools. The Allegro 500 series provides real-time statistics and selective packet filtering through Layers 2 - 7 in real-time and history mode. The web interface provides both comprehensive overviews and detailed statistics (e.g. IP, MAC addresses, VLANs, QoS, L7 protocols and Voice over IP). The hardware platform enables the acquisition of all data with millisecond accurate timestamps.


Highlights of the Allegro 500:

  • 4 x 1G-BaseT as monitoring ports
  • Integrated management port
  • Integrated SSD with up to 4 GBit/s recording rate
  • 4 or 8 GB In-Memory DB
  • Portable: < 1 kg
  • Quiet as a whisper: no moving parts such as fans, HDDs.


Quality from Germany

The Allegro 500 is developed in Leipzig. Purchasing the Allegro 500 includes direct support from our qualified team based in Germany. The Allegro 500 is now available through the reseller network. 



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