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Firmware Release 2.4.0: Network Measurement from Allegro Packets now Supports ERSPAN

Network Measurement from Allegro Packets now Supports ERSPAN

Leipzig, 08.08.2019 - With the new firmware Release 2.4.0 Allegro Packets extends the functionality of its Allegro Network Multimeter by a number of additional analysis modules.


ERSPAN Support as Transmitter and Receiver

The most important innovation is the support of ERSPAN, the mirror protocol used by Cisco and VMware vSphere switches among others, which is based on IP and GRE and can therefore be routed over a WAN. The Allegro Network Multimeter can now send data directly to a terminal device via ERSPAN, allowing it to analyse traffic in real time. For example, it is possible to stream a live packet export to Wireshark. Also, the Allegro Packets appliance can now actively receive and analyse ERSPAN traffic.

With the new ERSPAN feature, Allegro Packets adds an important feature to the functionality of its measurement technology. Many data centres use ERSPAN for their central monitoring of network traffic.

"We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the new ERSPAN functionalities," said Klaus Degner, Managing Director of Allegro Packets. "We now enable them to monitor and debug their networks even more conveniently. In addition, we are significantly expanding our customer base."


Additional Features of Release 2.4.0

In addition to the ERSPAN functionalities, the current Release contains the following enhancements:

  • Compression of the In-Memory DB: With Release 2.4.0, the Allegro Network Multimeter compresses the internal In-Memory database without measurable performance loss. This increases the storage duration of the metadata by approximately 50 %.
  • Global connection view for subnets, ports and protocols: There is a new 'Connections' module in the 'Transport' section. It displays all connections between any IP pairs and allows arbitrary filtering and sorting.
  • IPFIX export: The Allegro software can create and send flow data via IPFIX. IPFIX collectors like Plixer, Riverbed, and many more are now supported. This means that the Allegro Network Multimeter can be used flexibly at any location for measurements via IPFIX, freeing routers from this task. In addition, this enables long-term statistics for IP addresses and connections.
  • Extended SIP statistics for audio level determination: The IP module now displays extended RTP statistics with jitter, MOS, audio level and SSRC value. Additional buttons allow audio extraction of RTP audio data from supported codecs.
  • Advanced DNS statistics: The DNS statistics now graphically display the response time per DNS server. This makes it easy to identify slow and incorrectly configured DNS servers.
  • Generic representation of RTP loss: The RTP module now displays traffic counters, packet losses and jitter per IP.
  • NIC filter for IP pairs: NIC filters can now also be defined for IP pairs and IP subnets.
  • Bandwidth events with duration: The Allegro Network Multimeter can now report bandwidth events when bandwidth is exceeded for a defined time.

Allegro Packets continues to enhance its measurement technology. Our goal is to help users and network administrators to stay one step ahead of the fast-paced network market by continuously updating the Allegro platform and eliminating the need for major rebuilds. The new Release, Allegro 2.4.0, is now available for customers. 


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