Allegro Packets Publishes Whitepaper on Database Systems

White Paper on the Use and Functionality of Integrated Storage Systems

Allegro Packets Publishes White Paper

Leipzig, 03. July 2019 - Allegro Packets GmbH, a leading provider and specialist in monitoring and network analysis, has extended its European operations with the opening of their UK and Republic of Ireland office.Allegro Packet's white paper "In-Memory Database and Packet Ring Buffer - Two Databases for Different Purposes" is now available for download. It outlines the functionalities and application areas of the two database systems and explains the processes in the form of use cases. Interested parties can request the seven page PDF via the Allegro Packets website. The guide addresses users of the Allegro Network Multimeter in particular as well as IT managers and network administrators in general.


The Functionalities

In the first step, the white paper explains what makes the two storage systems necessary and special. Only the separation into the two databases allows the actual network analysis in real-time on the one hand and the subsequent packet analysis on the other.

Basically, the Allegro Network uses multimeters to display and process the recorded information

  • the In-Memory database and
  • the Packet Ring Buffer on the hard disk or SSD.

The network traffic metadata is stored on the main memory (=In-Memory) and derived for the Web interface. This means that all recorded measurement data is available without time-consuming hard disk access. Since no data is written to the hard disk, the device can be used in security-sensitive areas. If data processing is stopped (update, shutdown, restart, reboot), the metadata is lost.

For the extraction of packets from the past or for the permanent recording of raw data, the Packet Ring Buffer is available. In this case, the packets are stored on a connected storage medium.

The white paper contains the following:

In-Memory database

  • Direct access to all measurement data
  • Fast problem search and correlation across network layers
  • Access to all previous connections
  • For evaluations relevant to data protection

Packet Ring Buffer

  • Permanent, automatic recording of raw data
  • Targeted extraction of network packets from the past
  • Retrospective analysis of stored network packets without the need for network access
  • Access to all functions of the in-memory database by re-analysing stored packets


Use Cases

In the second part of the white paper, four use cases offer detailed recommendations on how to deal with storage systems. They cover the topics "Historical pcap Extraction", "Prefilter for the Packet Ring Buffer" for structuring the data, "Forensic (subsequent) Analysis of the Packet Ring Buffer" and "Planned Records.”

"The objective in developing the Allegro Network Multimeter was and is to speed up troubleshooting in network traffic," said Klaus Degner, product manager and managing director of Allegro Packets about the two coupled storage systems. "An important part of this was the creation of the In-Memory database, which allows data to be measured and displayed in real-time by storing the metadata.”

The white paper can be downloaded from the Allegro Packets website.


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