Firmware 2.6: Parallel Pcap Analysis Mode & Real-time Measurement

For the first time simultaneous analysis possible with only one instrument

Firmware 2.6. Parallel Pcap Analysis / Allegro Packets

Leipzig, April 8 2020 - For the first time this release enables offline analysis with simultaneous real-time measurement with only one device. Users can now analyze pcap files or the Packet Ring Buffer with just one Allegro Network Multimeter without needing to stop real-time packet analysis

With numerous new features and improvements, the firmware-update of network specialist Allegro Packets offers all customers even more functions for network troubleshooting. The latest version 2.6.0 of the Allegro Network Multimeter is now available for download.

For the first time, separately captured network traffic can now be captured and analyzed in parallel to real-time measurement. The CPU performance required for this can also be flexibly adjusted by the admin themselves using the 'expert' settings. The new multi-threaded capturing analysis makes it possible to use several CPUs to analyze pcap files or the Packet Ring Buffer in a quicker way.

active parallel pcap data | Allegro Network Multimeter
Figure: active parallel pcap data


Also new is the memory extension for Webshark, the integrated Wireshark tool that provides web-based packet views. Klaus Degner, co-founder and managing director of Allegro Packets, emphasizes these two innovations: "Release 2.6 simplifies troubleshooting. With parallel offline analysis, real-time and historical analysis can be performed simultaneously with just one Allegro Network Multimeter. The integrated Webshark is now also suitable for large captures. Both significantly reduce the time required for analysis."

Further features

  • Extensive export and import functionality of the Allegro Network Multimeter configuration.
  • A PPPoE module has been added.
  • General extension of the graph display options (improved readability through different display styles).
  • Extended graph display of IP and MAC statistics.
  • Enhanced filtering options for SIP calls.
  • Related SIP calls can be captured together.
  • Burst analysis can now be configured and displayed per IP group.
  • New user roles have been added to the web interface.
  • New MTU values and graphs have been added to the IP list and IP details page.
  • New tab 'Layer 4 endpoints' added to the IP detail pages.
  • The Cluster Ring Buffer now supports multiple separate clusters working in parallel.
  • The filter rules for the Packet Ring Buffer now allows filtering of virtual link groups.
  • New expert setting: 'Alternative load balancing method.'
  • Storage and recall of the last six zoom intervals.
  • The list of all Layer 4 connections can be downloaded in CSV format.

A detailed description of all new features, improvements and bug fixes, 'Release Note 2.6.0' will be sent to all Allegro Packets customers by email, as well as an invitation to a specific webcast on the update. The update is available for all Allegro Packets appliances and the Virtual Edition.



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