Network troubleshooter: Product launch of the 10 / 40G Allegro Network Multimeter

Product launch of the 10G/40G Allegro Network Multimeter. Allegro Packets' new product at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona

Product launch of the 10/40G Allegro Multimeter

Leipzig, 17.02.2017 The Startup Allegro Packets, which specializes in network traffic analysis, will be exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) from 27.02. to 02.03 2017. At the berlin.mobil joint booth (7L51) the company presents its new product: the Allegro Network Multimeter 10 GBit/s and 40 GBit/s.

Following the successful launch of the 1G Allegro Network Multimeter in October 2016, Allegro Packets brings now two even more powerful models into the market - the 10G and 40G Allegro Network Multimeter. The company's portable problem diagnosis tool analyzes and correlates all data on network layers 2 to 7, enabling real-time and historical data analysis. With a throughput of 10 or 40 GBit/s, it is the new powerhouse among Allegro Packets mobile network analyzers.  

Compared to stationary models, the Allegro Network Multimeter is variable and mobile. In addition, there is no configuration effort, as is the case with software solutions.

Network troubleshooting rethought

"We really wanted to expand on the advantages of our existing products. That's why we're launching a much more powerful mobile network analysis device," emphasizes CEO Klaus Degner.

Features, such as the selective PCAP extraction, the system-independent web interface, the variable installation options and the alarm function via e-mail, come as standard in all models. New to the 10G and 40G models is the larger housing, which is about the size of a picture book. This has been designed to effectively contain the powerful hardware components, including the 4 or 16 core CPU, internal fan and larger memory.

Targeted at professionals with smaller networks (up to 200 workstations), Allegro Packets 10G and 40G Version now offer a solution for large networks (up to 12,000 users). Customers include in-house IT departments, data centers, external IT service providers, system houses or ISPs.

Interested companies and company representatives are welcome to take a look at a live demonstration of the Multimeter's diverse functions and applications at booth 7L51. Demonstration videos and additional product details can also be found on Allegro Packets' website.

Flexible and multifunctional

The Allegro Network Multimeter offers a variety of functions:

  • Monitoring and analysis of network traffic in real-time
  • Correlation of all metadata from L2 - L7 at full throughput
  • Analysis of local & global IP addresses
  • Targeted PCAP recording in real-time and historically
  • Intelligent and dynamic adjustment of memory duration
  • Interactive graphical access to data history
  • Geolocation database
  • Manufacturer database (MAC, NIC)
  • Statistical analysis in seconds
  • Filter and search function by IP, MAC amongst others
  • New feature: Alerting by e-mail
  • New feature: Voice analysis

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