Allegro Packets introduces new generation of products: Allegro Network Multimeter x310/x410/x510

Four performance levels for the first time and significantly increased recording rate with up to 240 Gbit/s

Leipzig, Germany, July 4, 2023 - Leipzig-based network analysis specialist Allegro Packets releases a new product generation. The Allegro x310/x410/x510 are the successors of the successful x300/x400/x500 series and come with numerous improvements.

Optimized features include increased data capture speeds, expanded storage capacities, and faster and larger SSD storage. A highlight of the new product generation is also the completely new 7000 series with a recording rate of up to 240 Gbit/s. The Allegro Network Multimeters x310/x410/x510 are enormously powerful and adaptable solutions that meet the highest business demands. With this latest development, Allegro Packets once again demonstrates its leadership in the field of network analysis.

The new Allegro x310/x410/x510 series at a glance:

  • Four performance levels: Each series comes in four different performance levels. For the first time, a high-end series (level 7000) is also available.
  • Improved data capture speed: The series offers a speed increase of 60 to 100 percent compared to previous models. The 7000 models achieve a maximum recording rate of 240 Gbit/s or an average analysis rate of 120 Gbit/s (depending on the SSD installed).
  • Expanded storage capacity: The x310/x410 models enable an expanded storage database of up to 6 TB (instead of 4 TB) or up to 3 TB (instead of 2 TB) for the x510 models.
  • Faster and larger SSD storage: Storage per SSD has been doubled to reach speeds of 40 Gb/s compared to the former 20 Gb/s performance.
  • Flexibility and compatibility: The new series offer the same firmware and features as previous models, enabling a smooth transition. In addition, for the first time, the x310 and x410 models feature an Open Compute Project (OCP) slot, which allows customers to add measurement ports at a later date or swap out the slot.
  • Expanded network options: The new generation offers more expansion options for network cards. For example, the x410 series has up to 30 SFP+ ports to meet individual requirements.
  • The devices are now equipped with a WiFi 6e adapter, taking advantage of Allegro Packets' new Wifi analytics.

The x310/x410/x510 series comes in unit size 1U, 2U or 4U and can be expanded with JBODs. Full details of the new devices can be found in the datasheet.

The Allegro x310/x410/x510 series is now available in the listed variants via the reseller network.

In the webcast, Managing Director Klaus Degner presents the new product generation:

New Generation Allegro xx10 Series - Network Power Redefined

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