Allegro Packets Presents New Product Generation: Allegro Network Multimeter 1210 / 3210 / 5210

Portable devices for analyzing large data volumes

Two Powerful Technologies Improve Network Monitoring and Analysis

Leipzig, April 30, 2024 – Leipzig-based network analysis specialist Allegro Packets presents a new product generation: The x210 series, consisting of the Allegro 1210, 3210 and 5210, is the next iteration of the successful Allegro 1200 and 3200 and offers a range of improvements for use in office buildings and data centers.

The new features allow larger data volumes to be processed and expansion of internal storage capacities. The devices retain their slim design and are easy to transport thanks to a carrying case. A highlight of the new product generation is the 5210 model, a high-performance device for both portable and stationary use. "With these powerful innovations, we are responding to the needs of our customers and are excited to be able to provide customized solutions," comments Managing Director Katrin Pflugfelder on the new product series.

Overview of the new Allegro x210 series:

  • Three performance levels: The series is offered in the performance levels 1210 / 3210 and the new high-performance level 5210 for portable use.

  • Customizability: The x210 series systems support up to 12 capture port connections, which can be used according to the customer's individual requirements and enable the operation of up to 400 G networks.

  • Higher capture rate: The 5210 model offers a capture rate of 120 Gbit/s max. The 1210 model offers 30 Gbit/s max, which allows 10 G networks to be supported.

  • Increased in-memory database & packet ring memory: The 1210 models have an in-memory database of 32 GB as default, the 3210 and 5210 devices start at 96 GB. All models can be expanded to a database memory of 576 GB. In comparison, the 1200 and 3200 models have a maximum memory of up to 512 GB. In addition, compared to the previous models more than twice as much ring memory capacity is possible with up to 106.4 TB.

  • Improved portability: Based on customer feedback, who enjoy using the previous x200 series models as portable devices, particular attention has been paid to portability in the new models. For this reason, a carrying case has been designed for the x210 series devices to make transportation easier. The series is offered in the 1U device size and has a practical weight of less than 10 kg.

  • Additional power connection: The devices can also be extended with a connection for a direct current source, which can be used for portable or stationary use.

All details on the new devices can be found in the corresponding data sheet.

The x210 series is now available in the listed variants via the reseller network.

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