Release 3.0: Allegro Network Multimeter With New Operating System

Major update: Allegro Network Multimeter with new operating system 3.0 and additional VoIP information

The newly integrated RTCP protocol for Release 3.0

Leipzig, September 10, 2020 - With Release 3.0, Allegro Packets provides a major system update for all Allegro Network Multimeter. The new firmware enhances the operating system and enables future support of new CPU architectures. Another highlight is the even more comprehensive display of VoIP and DNS measurement information. In the webcast on September 16, 2020, managing director Klaus Degner will present the 3.0 Release.

The intelligent measuring algorithms of the Allegro Network Multimeter enables Allegro Packets to provide highly efficient and detailed analysis of network traffic from 1 to 100 GBit/s. This includes the display of data across Layers 2-7 of the OSI stack via a web interface.

In order to perform an even more detailed VoIP analysis, the newly integrated RTCP protocol together with the SIP and RTP module provides additional data. The RTCP protocol provides its own reports on packet loss and jitter. A detailed page with information on the audio quality is now also available for each call. The system performance when processing large amounts of RTP traffic and the calculation of the MOS value has been improved. In order to increase the performance of the SIP module, certain RTP measurements can be deactivated if required.

The DNS module provides much more extensive information about the server and connection. The new tab 'DNS Server' lists all known names, requests, responses and their times for each DNS connection.

The latest software Release 3.0 for the Allegro Network Multimeter is now available for download.

Other new features and enhancements

  • The Allegro Network Multimeter now incorporates a deduplication function making it possible to exclude duplicate packets from analysis and capturing via the NIC filter. A common problem of misinformation caused by duplicate packets is eliminated with the deduplication function.
  • A new feature allows the direct download of split pcaps as zip archives. Compression and adjustable file sizes make it much easier to manage large captures.
  • The appliance can now capture VNTag packets, support VXLAN and process the ERSPAN connections in a more efficient manner.
  • The Allegro Network Multimeter can now measure lost TCP data segments, such as those lost on a Mirror Port of a Switch, and can output the amount of loss based on the sequence numbers.
  • A directory structure and upload options have been added to the storage view to make offline analysis more flexible.
  • An automatic search for system updates has been added.

A detailed description of all new features, improvements and bug fixes, the 'Release Notes 3.0.0', will be sent to all Allegro Packets customers by email.

New Feature: Deduplication Function (image source: Allegro Packets GmbH)


Klaus Degner, managing director of Allegro Packets, will present the new features to customers and other interested parties in a webcast: on September 16, 2020 at 11 a.m. (CEST) (

Klaus Degner emphasized the technical advancement of the operating system and the Allegro Network Multimeter: "With Release 3.0 we support future hardware generations. The cutting-edge technology from Allegro Packets remains in the lead with its unique software combined with powerful hardware. The analyzers can now take advantage of new processors and up to 8x more memory to process the measurement data."

The Allegro Network Multimeter, optimized for network analysis, allows even more extensive troubleshooting with Release 3.0. The software update is available for all Allegro Packets measuring devices as well as the Virtual Edition.


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