Premiere in Network Measurement Technology: Path Measurement between two Network Points

Allegro Packets Presents the Firmware Release 2.0

Path Measurement between two Network Points

Leipzig, 07.03.2018 - With the new firmware release 2.0 Allegro Packets extends the functionality of its Allegro Network Multimeter with a series of additional analysis modules.

The most important innovation is the fully automatic path measurement, which any network section can be permanently evaluated with. The Allegro Network Multimeter measures and correlates - passive - all common packets and connections between two measurement points. This allows the representation of 2-way latency for all packets as well as the packet loss per direction for 1G to 100G networks. This correlation is immediately available in real time and also for the past.

Review an example of an employee in a field office who complains about the poor quality of a VoIP-phone call the day before. Based on the path measurement between the field office and the data center, the system administrator can identify, that at that point of time were large amounts of data such as updates, backups, etc. been transmitted by the field office. The new feature represents the 2-way latency in correlation to packet loss. These findings help the system administrator to configure the network so that quality losses in the VoIP can be avoided in the future. Specifically, it can be determined, which system or application is responsible for poor quality in specific timeframe. The causal network traffic can then be limited or delayed by means of suitable QoS. Conversely, the specific bandwidth and latency of the ISP between locations can be permanently checked.

Until now to get these analysis, the network traffic needed to be recorded at both measuring points for days and then compared offline. Alternatively, synthetic traffic could be injected for testing purposes. Now, two mutually-reachable Allegro Network Multimeters are sufficed, to measure e.g. a radio link, a test system (switch, router, etc.) or the communication between the server and the client.

Added Value for Companies with a Field Office / IT Service Provider

This new feature is particularly interesting for companies with different locations or remote network nodes as well as IT system houses and data centers. The Allegro makes it possible to prove whether a route is permanently working flawlessly or in case of a problem, where the mistake can be found.

In addition, the new feature provides information about the performance of devices. Before and after a device installation (such as a switch, firewall, or similar), the Allegro Network Multimeter detects potential device latencies and packet losses.

Additional Features of Release 2.0

In addition to the new distance measurement, the now available release offers the following enhancements:

  • Profinet analysis
  • direct pcap upload
  • easier USB HDD setup
  • new enhancement options: 1G / 10G bypass and 25G via SFP28 ports, amm


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