Product Launch of the Allegro Network Multimeter x300 Series

Product Highlight 2020: Introduction of the Allegro Network Multimeter x300 Series

Allegro Packets introduces new Allegro x300 series

Leipzig, 18.06.2020 – Allegro Packets expands its product family with high-end appliances only 1U high: the Allegro Network Multimeter 1300, 3300 and 5300.

Allegro Packets, the leading specialist for network measurement and analysis, provides portable and stationary analyzers for all network sizes. Due to high customer demand, the x300 Series has been developed, to be positioned between the Allegro x000 and the 4U Allegro x500 Series.

The x300 Series has powerful hardware features that enable the Allegro 5300 to achieve an analysis rate of up to 100 GBit/s. The x300 Series is equipped with 10 HDD slots which can be populated with SATA hard drives for packet storage, two with U.2 SSDs, each capable of handling up to 20 GBit/s payload. Three expansion slots are located on the rear of the unit to integrate additional network connections. The In-memory database, at 4 TB, offers a capacity increase of up to 8 times than the Allegro x000. All Allegro Network Multimeters are highly optimized for analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting. All use the same firmware and web-friendly User Interface.

The Allegro Network Multimeters developed by Allegro Packets are among the world's most advanced troubleshooting and network analysis tools. Like the other Allegro Network Multimeters, the x300 Series provide real-time statistics and selective packet filtering over Layers 2 - 7 of the OSI stack in real-time and history mode. The web interface provides both comprehensive overviews and detailed statistics (e.g. IP, MAC addresses, VLANs, QoS, L7 protocols and Voice over IP). In contrast to other debuggers, the Allegro Network Multimeters are true real-time instruments that monitor up to 100G connections in real-time and detect errors in seconds.

"The Allegro x300 Series offers high storage capacity and enormous performance with a small footprint in the rack," commented Klaus Degner, managing director and product manager of Allegro Packets, on the expansion of the product portfolio. "With features such as two U.2 SSDs and redundant power supplies, we have been able to meet customer requirements with high performance."

You can get a better understanding by watching the product video.

Highlights of the Allegro x300 Series in summary

  • 1U with redundant power supply unit.
  • 64 - 4096 GB In-memory database.
  • 10 x 2.5 SATA (two of them U.2 NVMe), hot-swap capable.
  • 3 expansion slots for interfaces from 1 GBit/s to 100 GBit/s.
  • ring buffer with JBODs expandable by petabytes.


The Allegro x300 Series is now available through the Allegro reseller network (partners) in the listed variants.


Comparison of the Allegro x300 Series options

Analysis rate
Allegro Network Multimeter 1300 up to 10 GBit/s.
Allegro Network Multimeter 3300 up to 40 GBit/s.
Allegro Network Multimeter 5300 up to 100 GBit/s.

Capture Rate
Allegro Network Multimeter 1300 up to 20 GBit/s.
Allegro Network Multimeter 3300 / 5300 up to 40 GBit/s.



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