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Allegro 800: The new device for high Gigabit measurement needs

Leipzig, October 26, 2021 - Allegro Packets, the leading provider of network troubleshooting and monitoring, is expanding its product portfolio with a high-performance 1 G analyser: the Allegro 800.

More RAM, more ports - sums up the advantages of the Allegro 800 compared to the smaller Allegro 500. The Allegro 800 series closes the gap between the Allegro 500 and the Allegro 1000 series with 10 G and is available in six variants: three portable and three rack mount versions each in the respective sizes S, M and L. The variants differ in terms of memory and SSD storage size.

The new device series is optimised for large 1 G networks with high measurement and statistical demands. It allows long-term measurements in environments with many users. The large number of ports and the expanded in-memory databases makes the Allegro 800 suitable to fully exploit all possibilities in gigabit environments: including in terms of connections to be analysed, speed and storage capacities.

Allegro 800 Launch

The technical components at a glance:

  • For large 1 G networks
  • 7 x 1000Base-T connections
  • 4 GBit/s max. throughput
  • 16 - 128 GB internal database
  • Up to 4 TB integrated ring buffer
  • Up to 4 million retroactive connections
  • Portable / 1U
  • 264 x 43 x 226 mm (W / H / D)/ 439 x 43 x 249 mm (W / H / D)
  • Weighs 2 - 4 kg

With the release of the Allegro 800, Allegro Packets strengthens its technological leadership in network measurement and analysis. Allegro Packets tools are successfully used by network admins around the world to both analyse network traffic in real time and store past incidents for detailed retrospective investigation. This allows network problems, performance bottlenecks and packet loss to be detected quickly and easily. The Allegro Network Multimeter uses innovative software and algorithms to analyse peak loads and malfunctions, and in parallel acts as a powerful network monitoring tool to ensure high network quality.

"With the Allegro 800, we are accommodating our customers who previously used Allegro 1000 Series devices due to their network size, but did not utilise its 10 G performance. These are companies with large gigabit networks or also companies that want to measure their gigabit uplink to the Internet, e.g. hospitals, manufacturing industry, external locations of larger companies with 50 or more employees, energy providers, etc.", explains Klaus Degner, Managing Director and Product Manager of Allegro Packets.

The devices of the Allegro 800 series are available immediately via the reseller network.

About Allegro Packets
Allegro Packets is one of the leading global providers of network analysis and monitoring appliances. Its customers include network specialists from many organizations across a wide range of market sectors. The aim of the company is to deliver smart, affordable, high-performance tools to help simplify and speed up network analysis and troubleshooting. The Allegro Network Multimeter product range is developed entirely in Germany. This guarantees the customer efficient support and swift, easy integration of new features.

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