Release 2.5: New Webshark Feature for the Allegro Network Multimeter

New Firmware Release 2.5 with fully integrated Webshark Packet Analysis

New firmware release 2.5 with fully integrated Webshark Packet Analysis

Leipzig, 21. November 2019 - Network analysis specialist Allegro Packets has released a comprehensive upgrade for the Allegro Network Multimeter, its market-leading analysis and monitoring product range. The highlight is the Webshark feature, which provides Wireshark functions directly in the browser.

The Allegro Network Multimeter, optimised for real-time network analysis, can measure traffic from 1 to 100 GBit/s in various versions to provide comprehensive troubleshooting with version 2.5.


Webshark - Web-based Packet Analysis

With Webshark, the Allegro Network Multimeter integrates a web-based view of packets. Filtered traffic data can be subjected to deep packet analysis directly in the browser. While previously potential problem areas had to be captured first and then imported into Wireshark, many packet analysis functions of Wireshark are now available in real-time without needing to download the underlying open source software beforehand.

‘Every admin knows the full-lenght task of analysing network traffic. With the Allegro devices, i.e. the prefiltered traffic combined with the integrated Wireshark analysis, this task is reduced to a minimum,’ commented product manager and managing director Klaus Degner on the new integration.


Release 2.5 also includes the following Enhancements:

  • Multi-device functions
  • New CSV exports
  • Ring buffer extraction
  • IP group extensions
  • Reduction of the amount of data transferred via MGT link
  • Colour coding of high bandwidth per link group
  • LLDP decoding
  • Recording of packets with incorrect CRCs
  • Window size analysis per connection
  • L3 protocol view per MAC address
  • Detection of link mismatch in bridge mode
  • Incidents when changing the interface link speed
  • Minimum width for graphs
  • Subnets can be excluded from geolocation
  • Configurable maximum analysis time
  • Your own logo in the PDF report
  • WiFi channel selection in Access Point Mode


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