Release 3.3: Now With Protocol IEC 60870-5-104 and Single-Device Path Measurements

Allegro Packets releases version 3.3 of its market-leading measurement and monitoring software

Allegro Packets Release 3.3: path measurements with only one device

Leipzig, July 19, 2021 - Allegro Packets announce a major upgrade to its market-leading Allegro Network Multimeter analysis and monitoring software. The update aims to make it easier and faster for system administrators and users to analyze and troubleshoot network traffic. Version 3.3 is available to customers immediately.

Allegro Packets Firmware version 3.3, contains new modules for its Allegro measuring devices. Existing analysis features are further optimized for even better network insight and faster use. Highlights include enhanced path measurement, improved capability to reduce the amount of traffic required for analysis, filter functions that are now available to the user via the Virtual Link Group. In addition, the path measurement can now be utilized in a single device.

The Allegro Network Multimeter can now measure IEC 60870-5-104 (IEC 104) protocol, this protocol is used in the industrial sector as a standard for automated machine communication. 

"Our Allegro Network Multimeters have become a constant companion for system administrators in all industries and all over the world. With the addition of the widely used IEC 104 protocol, we are offering tremendous value to users in the industrial sector, especially in the electricity industry" comments Klaus Degner, Managing Director and Head of Product Development at Allegro Packets on the software update.


The Highlights of Release 3.3

Highlights of the Allegro Network Multimeter features added with version 3.3 include:

DNS Name Resolution: DNS names of any IP address can now be actively resolved by the configuration of a DNS server in the management interface. A "DNS Resolve " button located next to the IP address in most tables, The DNS Resolve function will perform a reverse lookup of that IP address and display DNS name information. The name resolution can also be performed periodically for IPs of defined subnets of IPs

IEC 60870-5-104:  Included in 3.3.0 an IEC 60870-5-104 module has been added featuring global and per-connection statistics by packets, bytes, sequence number correctness, loss, ASDU addresses, telegram types and cause of transmission over time.

Path Measurement Improvements: The path measurement allows for defining a local and remote filter based on the virtual link group (VLG). This can be used to reduce the amount of traffic used for analysis. The path measurement method can now be used on a single device by comparing two different VLGs. The latency graphs are now shown per IP pair and per IP connection.

Virtual Link Groups (VLG): VLGs can now be configured to specifically analyze traffic on any particular network layer. This is useful when only some parts of the network traffic are required to be written to the packet ring buffer, thus allowing other traffic to be analyzed. By using the new option of the VLG, memory is optimized and consequently, performance is improved as measurement data does not need to be stored in full.

Capture Profiles: Capture profiles can be configured on the capture module page allowing a user to define custom rules for packet snapshot length similar to ring buffer filters. 

BETA: Database Extension on SSD: A new BETA feature allows storing old statistical data from the main memory onto an attached storage device. This extends the amount of time for historical data of the online measurements.

Buffer Mechanism: The mechanism of how received packets are buffered before they are analyzed has been improved and is now more dynamic and supports a larger amount of memory. 

Syslog Configuration: The incident configuration for syslog channels now supports selecting of TCP or UDP in addition to the port to be used. Syslog configuration allows users to select a facility for the syslog messages.

Packet Ring Buffer Snapshot Filter: The packet ring buffer snapshot filters relating to SIP phone numbers have been improved in order to match RTCP packets for a specific SIP call. RTP packets will now be recognized earlier.

Webshark Preview: The Webshark preview buttons have been added to PCAP files on storage. The PCAP is analyzed with Webshark up to the configured max capture size, any remaining data will not be analyzed further.

Automation of Recording: Captures can now be scheduled. It is now possible to repeat the capture on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. These captures are saved to the storage device.

Allegro Packets customers will receive a listing of all the features that accompany version 3.3 via email. The Allegro Network Multimeter Software 3.3 is now available. Klaus Degner explains the most important new features and improvements here in a video.

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