German start-up enters partnership with US network virtualization specialist,

German start-up enters partnership with US network virtualization specialist,

Leipzig/ Burlington 22nd February 2016: Today the German start-up Allegro Packets from Leipzig/ Saxony, specializing in IP data packet processing, and US solution provider announced their partnership at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress (MWC). As part of the RIFT.ready Partner Program. Allegro Packets' newly developed “Network Multimeter“ has been onboarded to RIFT.ware,'s open source network service virtualization (NSV) platform. RIFT.ware provides automated deployment of virtual cloud network functions and applications. Providers of cloud services, cloud infrastructure, and software can run their own software and solutions on the RIFT.ware platform.

Allegro Network Multimeter verifies the correct network orchestration

Allegro's Network Multimeter, deployed on RIFT.ware, offers customers a smart solution to quickly and easily verify their correct platform orchestration. The Allegro Network Multimeter is available both as software and hardware solution. Allegro's Network Multimeter ensures the proper cooperation of all implemented software components and functions as a central monitoring tool.

“Allegro being part of the RIFT.ready Partner Program is a benefit for all partners“, says Klaus Degner, Allegro Packets CEO. “Our Network Multimeter allows the visualization of the network traffic of all RIFT.ready partners' components without any installation effort. Ultimately, it allows clients to monitor all their RIFT.ware services in real-time and in detail.”

Vincent Spinelli, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing adds: “Our partnership with Allegro Packets and the onboarding of their Network Multimeter in RIFT.ware is of great benefit to all our customers. Since Allegro's Network Multimeter makes it possible to monitor any virtual or physical network link, it offers a whole new approach for network troubleshooting and performance investigation. And RIFT.ware simplifies and automates the deployment of Network Multimeter as a virtualized network service that is compliant with ETSI MANO specifications.”

The goal of the RIFT.ready program is to organize and support a rich, open ecosystem of business and technology partners, enabling and its partner companies to:

  • facilitate interoperability between network and application vendors, systems integrators, communication and software-as-a-service providers to simplify and accelerate virtual network function (VNF) and application deployments
  • simplify the management and orchestration (MANO) of virtual network services
  • create new revenue opportunities for network suppliers and application builders with cloud-based services
  • enhance network application builders’ existing VNF product architecture and roadmaps with OSM-compliant MANO and optional hyperscale capabilities
  • accelerate the time-to-market of massively scalable, differentiated cloud network applications and Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Communication as a Service (CaaS)-based service offerings.

About Allegro Packets

Allegro Packets is a network software start-up founded in 2014 and based in Leipzig, Germany. The company is specialized in Layer-2 to Layer-7 network products as virtual network function (VNF) or real hardware with focus on scalable packet processing and analytics. Allegro offers the network monitoring and debugging solution "Network Multimeter" that decodes L2 to L7 information and displays the correlations between all decoded data on a modern web based GUI. In addition, Allegro is a consulting company that realizes custom-tailored software projects.
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About RIFT.IO provides the open source standard platform for the construction and automated deployment of scalable, virtualized network services. technology and services empower enterprises to successfully deploy virtualized network services on private and hybrid cloud, and accelerate service providers' efforts to deploy NFV-enabled virtualized networks. Any network application built with technology can intelligently take advantage of any cloud’s unique capabilities and operate at any scale. is a privately held, global company with office in the United States and India.
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