Allegro Packets high-end analyzer on the Swisscom VoIP network

The No.1 in Switzerland relies on the Allegro Network Multimeter 5500

Swisscom uses the Allegro 5500 in the VoIP network for troubleshooting and visibility

Leipzig, July 20, 2020 - Swisscom, the number one in the Swiss telecommunications industry relies on the support of Allegro Packets in their VoIP network. There, the largest Allegro Network Multimeter, the Allegro 5500 is deployed. At peak times it debugs up to 12 million packets per second.

Allegro Packets provides industry-leading analysis tools for network troubleshooting over Layers 2 - 7 of the OSI model. The whole story about the Swisscom installation of the Allegro 5500 is published here.

A 4U high Allegro 5500 Network Multimeter with a 360 TB ring buffer memory, 512 GB In-memory DB and 40 GBit/s capture rate is in use in the Swisscom network. With the help of the 4U appliance the carrier can examine connections and react quickly in case of problems. 

With this, the high-end analyzer from Allegro Packets is established as a network test and monitoring system for international telecommunications providers. Klaus Degner, co-founder and managing director of Allegro Packets stated: "We are very pleased to support Swisscom as another internationally renowned provider. This once again underlines our impressive appliance performance for network operators, ISPs and data centers."

To date, Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland, having completed the transition of fixed-line telephony services to Voice over IP (VoIP) in the late 2010s. In the core network, internal switching takes place over the IP network. This requires a state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-performance network technology. Stephan Bieri, Senior System Engineer, Voice and Messaging Infrastructure Services at Swisscom, is convinced of the Allegro Network Multimeter. He said "By integrating the Allegro, we can act quickly and in a flexible manner when issues arise." 

Prepared for the Problem

Problems may occur if the Session Border Controllers (SBCs) used for switching malfunction. For this, different SIP versions and extensions and SIP devices with different codecs must be supported. In addition, problems can occur following software extensions or security updates. In most cases, the individuals responsible must decide within minutes whether the malfunction is an individual incident or a general problem. With the installation of the Allegro 5500, the appliance enables administrators the opportunity to troubleshoot at the highest level. It provides Layer 2 - 7 visibility, high-performance live traffic analysis and capture plus fast statistical display of live and historical data.


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