it-daily reports on analysis in the network of Max Planck Institutes

The user story of the Gemeinsames Netzwerk Zentrum has been published in the magazine it-daily.

Allegro 1000 at the GNZ of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

The user story of the Joint Network Center (GNZ) has been published in German in the magazine, the online portal of the magazines it-management and it-security. Entitled: "Discover long hidden network loads immediately" it reports on the challenges that admins face in network analysis. A professional appliance, the Allegro Network Multimeter 1000, is now used and helps to identify and solve problems. It can be deployed in different locations and analyzed via a web interface. After installation, unusual traffic and unnecessary firewall load was immediately noticed. The admins were able to react quickly and continue to use the analyzer.

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