Network Maintenance at the Josefs-Gesellschaft

Press reports from E-HEALTH-COM-Magazin and Krankenhaus-IT Journal about the use of two Allegro Network Multimeters at the Josefs-Gesellschaft.

The Allegro Network Multimeter in the social enterprise

The Krankenhaus-IT Journal and the E-HEALTH-COM-Magazin report on the use of an Allegro 200 and Allegro 1000 at Josefs-Gesellschaft and let the IT infrastructure team leader in the group network comment. The challenge of monitoring and examining around 80 locations and identifying problems is described. For this purpose, for example, the actual bandwidth of the dedicated line is measured and detect if a value is too low. The articles provide insights into the structure of the network, the distance and performance measurement of the company networks and data protection.

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